Circle Squadron-M Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for ₹3000! Where to Buy, Specifications & Features


Circle has released their new gaming keyboard, the Circle Squadron-M Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. It features an 87-key layout, Kailh LH Blue Mechanical Switches, RGB Backlighting and a braided cable as well. It is their first keyboard which features Mechanical Switches, and it only comes at cost of around ₹3000 on MDComputers and eBay.

Where to Buy

The Circle Squadron-M Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is available on MDComputers and eBay, at the price tag of around ₹3000. They have two variants available, Metallic Black and Metallic Gray.

Circle Squadron-M Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – MDComputers

Circle Squadron-M Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – eBay

Features & Specifications

1. Kailh LH Blue Mechanical Switches

Unlike normal membrane keyboards, this keyboard features mechanical switches, which are way more responsive, have longer life span and more stability from the increased weight, which gives an overall way better typing experience. The Kailh LH Blue Switches are still almost as good as the original Cherry MX Blue switches (which is priced way higher).

2. RGB Backlighting

The Circle Squadron-M Gaming Keyboard features RGB Backlit keys, which look absolutely breathtaking. The LEDs are controllable from the keyboard itself and they can be changed without any additional software installation, which is nice.

3. Braided 1.8M Cable 

The keyboard also has a braided cable, resulting in higher durability than normal cables. The length is 1.8M.

4. Anti-Ghosting Keys

With Anti-Ghosting keys, you can press more keys than usual keyboards without the keyboard making an error.

Other Features:-

  • Suspend Keycap Design
  • Solid Aluminium Panel
  • Double Colour Injection Keycaps
  • 30 Stringent Reliability Tests

Some more specifications:-

  • Rated Operating Voltage and Current:- 5.5V/150mA
  • Key Stroke:- 3.6mm
  • Key Tapping Times:- 5,00,00,000

This playlist by Sanjeet Jain on YouTube shows you the different RGB Modes for this keyboard, along with a video review.


In conclusion, the Circle Squadron M is an excellent gaming mechanical keyboard in this price range, and it would be better to pick it over the CK104 because of the Indian Warranty. The only disadvantage would be the 10 key less design though, but for most that is no issue.


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