Presenting ROYCE’ Chocolate: Unique Flavour Combinations from the Heart of Japan


Life is always better with chocolate. Over the years, chocolate has been combined with different flavours to create some popular combinations such as raspberry and chocolate, mint chocolate, chocolate with hazelnut, etc. But nothing even comes close to the unique flavours and combinations created by ROYCE’ Chocolate.

ROYCE’ Chocolate from Hokkaido is an internationally acclaimed brand of Japanese chocolates. Hokkaido is a picturesque island in northern Japan, where the phenomenon of ROYCE’ Chocolate first began. Growing slowly, but surely with their ability to create outstanding chocolatey experiences – ROYCE’ Chocolate is now loved all over the world.

ROYCE’ Chocolate is a luxury chocolate brand with never before flavour choices. Choose from a wide range of unique chocolatey delights to serve your guests, or take a look at the lovely chocolate gifting options from ROYCE’ Chocolate. They also provide beautifully packaged assorted fancy chocolates, perfect for corporate gifting.

Now, you may never have served chocolate at a party before. But that’s just because you never had an option like ROYCE’ Chocolate before! Trust me; there is truly nothing as versatile as chocolate. Pair it with fresh fruits, wine, and cheese for a delicious plate of hors d’oeuvres. Or serve marshmallows on a stick with a yummy chocolate dip.

Let’s take a look at the amazingly unique flavours offered by ROYCE’ Chocolate –

popcorn choclate original

Popcorn Chocolate Original –

Salty, crunchy popcorn that is caramelized and coated with delicious chocolate.  Comfort food for everyone.

potato choclate chips

Potato Chocolate Chip Mild Bitter –

Super crispy potato chips coated with dark chocolate on one side. Highly recommend chocolate-covered potato chips if you’ve never tried them.

Potato Chip Chocolate Original

Potato Chip Chocolate Original –

Salted potato chips coated on one side with delicious chocolate. The flavour combination of the ROYCE’ potato chip chocolate is so perfect; it needs to be experienced.

Potechi Crunch Chocolate –

Potechi Crunch Chocolate

Crushed potato chips with cookie crumbs all tied together in rich milk chocolate. A mouthful of everything nice.

For all you food lovers out there, before you reach for your favourite bar of chocolate – you must try ROYCE’ Chocolate. It could easily end up being your favourite stop for a dessert. With fresh flavours and unique ideas, ROYCE’ Chocolate is a notch above chocolates in India. It is not just a great place for an indulgence in luxury chocolates – but also one of the best places to find a gift for someone you love.

Author Bio:

Aayushi Desai works with Burgandy hospitality as a content creator for ROYCE’ Chocolate, a Japanese luxury chocolate brand. She brings lifestyle stories and posts to her readers on all things chocolates, gifting, entertaining, and luxury. She truly believes in the saying, “life happens, chocolate helps” and it reflects in her stories and the recipes she shares (most of which are for swoon-worthy chocolate desserts). In her free time, she loves to shop and travel (often both)!


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