Five Point Someone -Book Review


    I always like to read books written by Indian authors and happen to buy them at a book store or sometimes purchase it online. Chetan Bhagat is an Indian writer who has gained popularity for his writings in recent times. This book “Five Point Someone” was written and published by him in the year 2004. The book was well accepted and it was also made into a movie called ” 3 Idiots” in Hindi and “Nanban ” in Tamil. I saw the film 3 Idiots in the theatre and was quite curious to read the book.I immediately bought it online and started reading it.I would like to share my review of the book here.

    The novel narrates the story of three IIT graduates and their life at India’s Premier Technology Institute. The story revolves around their studies , ambitions, parental pressures, friendship and differences.The subtitle of the novel- What not to do in IIT suggest how the education system works in IIT and it describes how difficult things can get, if you do not think straight.

    Hari, Alok and Ryan are three main characters.They are roommates and studying in the same department at IIT. They become close friends and stand up for each other during their four years of IIT on every occasion. Hari narrates the story in this novel.He falls in love with the daughter of his HOD. Ryan is the son of rich parents and he hates them due to their neglect towards him.He believes that true education comes from critical thinking and enjoying life and not from memorizing formulas and text books. Alok belongs to a typical lower Indian middle class family burdened with lots  of expectations and responsibilities. He wants to get a good GPA(Grade Point Average) to get a good job and support his family.

    The three friends find themselves stuck at IIT system and manage to secure hardly five points GPA at a scale of ten.Meanwhile Hari falls in love with he daughter of his  HOD Professor Cherian.When these three friends are in trouble they find support from another Professor Veera who inspires them to think and act differently. He becomes their mentor and supports them.

    When the three friends realize that their future is at stake they make a plan to steal the question paper at the Professor’s office.They end up getting caught and their life becomes a total mess.

    How do they come out of the situation? That is the climax of the story.

    The title “Five point someone” indicates the relative grading at IIT’s. Five pointers are generally ignored by all Professors. The book further conveys the moral that a GPA rank does not define someone and that life should be lived to the fullest. There is more to life than these ranks – family, friends, one’s desires and interests.

    Overall the book brings into light, the education system in IIT and its a must read. Chetan Bhagat being an IITian himself has written the book in an enjoyable manner with lots of funny instances inside the campus.