Film Entry Pakistani Moor Movie Considered for Oscar Awards 2016


Pakistani Moor Movie:Pakistani Academy Selection Committee announced Jamshed Mahmood’s Moor is nominated for 88th Academy awards.Reports are saying that, this film is selcted as its closure of Zhob Valley railways in 1984. Based on the women portrays in the film and critics response made this happened.Pakistani Academy Selection Committee added, “We are proud to announce that the Pakistani Academy Selection Committee has selected Moor to be submitted for Oscar consideration in the ‘Foreign Language Film Award’ category at the 88th Academy Awards.”

Pakistani Moor Movie Considered for Oscar Awards 2016


Written and directed by Jamshed Mahmood Raza, the film takes a stark look at the Pakistani railway system, and is set against the landscapes of Balochistan. Moor is a Pushto world for mother.“Moor pushes the boundaries of cinema in Pakistan. A visual treat, the film reminds us of the history of a land we too often ignore,” said Chinoy.Filmmaker and committee member Mazhar Zaidi said Moor was selected from a rich list of entries.“The film’s evocative cinematography and performances are sure to strike a chord with audiences across the world. My very best for its onward journey,” he said.Pakistan only sent its first Oscar Foreign Language Film contender in 2013, an acclaimed film called Zinda Bhaag.The final nominees for all award categories will be announced by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on January 8, with a complete list announced on January 14. The 88th Academy Awards will be held on February 28, 2016.

This is the third movie to be selected for Oscars in the history of Pakistani movies, Earlier Zinda Bhaag which is released in 2013 marked for first and followed by Dukhtar in 2014 and now Moor is considered to compete in Oscars of 2016.Moor collected Rs 2.5 million on the release day and opening weekend managed with total Rs6.21 million and in second week it collected Rs 2.1 million, and total box office collections of Moor movie is Rs1.07 Crore.Talking about the movie’s selection, Mahmood said that with this submission to Oscars, their destination is now beyond hope and they believed that they have put their stepping stone in the right direction.The Pakistani drama, which starred Hameed Sheikh and Samiya Mumtaz among others, revolves around the tragic story of a station master and his son after the sudden death of his wife.