World sparrow day: It seems they are gone



Many species of birds and birds that are very close to human beings are missing from us today. The same is the ‘Sparrow’ or the little sparrow. Sparrow is our nature and its companion. There was a time when hundreds of nests were hanging on an Acacia tree, and with the sparrow, their cheeks and cheeks shouted. But sparrow has become a story with time. Its inflows appear very low. Sparrow is also a true friend of human being and he has a special role in environmental protection. Worldwide, March 20 is celebrated as Sparrow Day. Famous environmentalist Mo. With the efforts of E. Dilavar, this day was kept for the Chamboli Chanchal Sparrow. For the first time in 2010 it was celebrated in the world.

It’s like a bunch of companions

Preservation of sparrow has become our biggest challenge. The humanitarian culture has removed us from nature and its companionship. Science and development have proved to be boon for us. But the other aspect is that it has presented a tough challenge too. Sparrow is a domestic and pet bird. It likes to be more close to the person and his colony. This abundance is found in East Asia. It is not overweight Its life span is two years old. It gives five to six eggs.

Of the millions of species on the planet, we mean that human beings became such a species that only a fleet of the life of co-life lived. It was obvious that we developed the technology to withstand every battle of such a developed nature. The flaws were that we also went unpredictably with the boons of nature, its adverse consequences were also in front of us.

Influence of urbanization

“To eliminate any species, eliminate its habitat and its food.” Something like this happened with sparrow … Urbanization, changing nature of villages, responsible for the elimination of chemical fertilizers and poisonous pesticide spray in agriculture. Made Yet nature has given every creature the ability to survive in adversity and this is the reason that the sparrow is still being heard by us today.

Sometimes these birds feeding in the open courtyard, the birds making gossip in the roofs, do not knock on their knees due to the fall of the boys (cooked cereal) birds, now the forged courtyard courtyards and closed doors. If it is also filing in the houses, if it is rubbish, then the tails in the roof collide with wings and die. It is a big pain that all this is happening in this unplanned development period, we are preparing a cemetery for all the living creatures living around us, without thinking that without them it will be the earth and our environment.


Jungle birds have donations, these trees only apply jungle, trees of all species grow only when a Parinda eats the seeds of these trees and that seed passes through the process of digestion of that bird and when it falls Only then do sprout in them, as well as eating fruits and spraying them around the earth, and contributing to the process of pollination is an indirect contribution to these conditions.

These parishes also control the number of insect-pantongs, in total, each species has its own importance in the ecosystem, we are revealing their importance and playing their irresponsible role for our environment.

By offering native plants instead of exotic breed plants, backyard and backyard of their homes, they can give these birds an opportunity to make food and homesteads. Along with the use of poisonous pesticides, the parasitic insects on these vegetation can also provide the food of these birds’ chicks by giving them an opportunity to grow, because chicks of sparring such as sparrow cannot eat rigid grains, they are soft Bugs are essential in the form of diet.

In the safe places in your homes, sparrows can be hanged by making venomous snakes or man-made wood or clay slices. Apart from this, we can call this bird again in our home courtyard by dispersing the cooked grains with water and grains.

We must remember that it is better than being single, that we have been living with all the species which have been living with us for centuries and believe you, then you will automatically find out what is to be done together. What is the advantage?



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