The Best Way to Celebrate Raksha Bandhan if You Are the Only Child!


Raksha Bandhan is one of the zestful festivals which are solely dedicated to the siblings. It is the one which celebrates the trust, loyalty, and purest bonding that is held strong between the siblings. If you and your brother will not be together on this Raksha Bandhan as he is dwelling the UK and you want to send your love there wrapped in Rakhi, then you can send Rakhi online to UK from any of the online Rakhi stores and can wish him a happy Rakhi with all your selfless love and hearty emotions.

Having someone in life with whom you can share your darkest secrets of life without being judged, someone who will always be there by your side to get your back no matter what you do and how you do, and of course the one who can cover you when you commit any mistake, is the best feeling of the world. With them, every wrong thing seems to be perfect. They are none other than your loving siblings.

But it is not necessarily a compulsion that for having fun, you must be blessed with a brother or sister. If you are a single child, you can enjoy your play station alone, you can have all the love of your parents, and also the plate of Maggie is all yours. You don’t have to share it with anyone. In all these infinite perks of not having any siblings, the unadorned wrist on Raksha Bandhan can pinch you sometimes. But this does not mean that you sit back in a corner and waste the stack of tissues in crying.

You cannot change destiny. The thing that is in your hand is you can make your Rakhi festival happening and interesting on your own. There are many ways to enjoy alone. If nothing is striking in your mind then here are some ideas that you can follow for a wonderful Raksha Bandhan and that too without siblings. So, without wasting time, let’s roll down to the options.

Play Your Favorite Music And Groove on The Beat

Remember your favorite song on which you used to dance like crazy? This Raksha Bandhan, wake your inner dancer and groove on the beats of your favorite music with your favorite snacks, and here you are all sorted for a perfect Rakhi celebration.

Call Your Friends And Have Fun

You are not alone without siblings. There are many other persons who are going through this. If you have someone like this in your friend’s circle then you guys can make a plan and enjoy together.

Gift Yourself A Solo Vacation

Why sit back at home and cry in the corner when you can go on a solo trip or hiking to celebrate your Rakhi festival. This will divert your mind from all the negativity.

Dive Deep In Thoughts

On this Rakhi holiday, you have no one to celebrate your festival with then don’t let your mind think negative. Indulge it in some useful thoughts and draught them down on paper. Maybe you can become the next famous poet, who knows!

Take A Trip To The Memory Lane

You must have an album in with you is which all the photos of your childhood, of your parents, or of your college time are there. You can take the tour to all the old memories and can have a relaxing and mind-blowing Rakhi celebration.

A Day Dedicated To Self

You have no hustle of celebrations and functions. The full day is yours and full night is also for you. Plan whatever you want to do and enjoy the day with joy and happiness in the way you want to do it.

Binge watch your Favorite Series

You can also complete your remaining series on this day. Order yourself a pizza and coke and here it’s all done and a wonderful day is waiting for you.

Get Yourself A Cute Pet

If you still feel alone and miss your loved ones then you can get a cute pet for yourself who will always put a wide smile on your face.

Pursue Your Hobbies

Do whatever you want. There is no pressure or taboo on you. If you love cooking, the whole kitchen is yours. So, be relaxed and try to live a day like a month and gift yourself all the happiness.

Help The Needy And Orphans

The best thing that you can do is to help some needy poor children or can donate your old clothes and toys to them. This will be the best Rakhi celebration for you.

So, finally, you are all sorted for a perfect Raksha Bandhan and that too without any fake concern of anyone. Go with any of these options and have a wonderful and satisfactory day.

Apart from these, you can also consider your cousins with whom you have spent many of your vacations in your childhood. Send Rakhi to them or return Rakhi gifts to make them realize that you still remember them, and they hold a very important place in your heart. You can buy designer Rakhi online and can send them to various locations through online Rakhi delivery. is one portal that can be your great help in doing this. They have a wide range of Rakhis as well as Rakhi gifts to make the Rakhi festival special. So, send Rakhi online to UK and surprise your brother with your immense love through online Rakhi stores.


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