10 most romantic ads of Dairy Milk Silk that will make you fall in love with chocolates !


The valentine week is on. Today on 9th February, it is chocolate day. Chocolate is something, which is loved by almost everyone and if offered no one will deny taking it.

The Dairy Milk is the most loved chocolate ever, and we had always seen Dairy milk Silk ads had always made us fall in love with the chocolates.

Here are 10 Dairy Milk Silk ads that always made us fall in love with the chocolates.

1. The 2010 released ad features bharatnatyam girls eating Dairy Milk silk made us fall in love with them.


2. This was the ad which showed us the cute relationship build-up between a boy and a girl in the library.

3.The most cutest ad featuring  Disha patani along with kalidas jayaram. With this ad, we had fallen not just for the chocolate but also for Disha patani.


4. These cuties enjoying silk on the Staircase


5. A Bustop Stranger bumps into a cute girl for Subh Arambh


6. Vaani goes befikre stealing other’s Caramel

7. The Snow fight of  Nimrat Kaur


8.  This ad shows how to enjoy silk to avoid  traffic boredom

9. This ad is showing the concept of Nayi dosti ka shunhaarambh by Dairy Milk silk.


10.The latest advertisement of the cracky Dairy Milk silk Oreo



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