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    krishnashtami Movie Review Rating | Story Updates | First Day Collections :upcoming film starring Sunil in the lead role. The film was supposed to release on February 5th, but due to the release of Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas film ‘Speedunnodu’ and Nani’s film ‘Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha’, on that day, producer postponed the release of the film. Amidst lot of expectations, the film is scheduled for a worldwide release on 19th February 2016.


    Krishnashtami Movie Review & Rating:

    Krishnashtami tells the story of an NRI who returns to India with a definite purpose. This romantic entertainer is told with large doses of comedy, romance and family values. Sunil is back with his energetic form while the presence of Sapthagiri, Posani & Brahmanandam is impressive as well. Krishnashtami is a full-fledged family entertainer without missing Sunil’s mark of comedy and dances in it.

    Krishnashtami Live Story Updates :

    Updated at 10:10AM – Sunil admits Ajay in hospital and goes to Ajay in-law’s house to hand over his son to his family. There everyone misunderstands him as their son-in-law.

    Updated at 10:05AM – After reaching India, some goons suddenly attack Ajay outside airport. Ajay goes into coma due to this attack.

    Updated at 10:00AM – Sunil proposes and surprisingly Nikki accepts his love. During the traveling, Ajay tells his flashback story to Sunil.

    Updated at 09:55AM – Second song of the film has just started…

    Updated at 09:50AM – In the Airport, he sees Nikki Galrani and falls in love with her at first sight. Sunil falls after Nikki and tries to impress her.

    Updated at 09:40AM – His connecting flight from USA to India gets cancelled in Europe. He need to stay in Europe for 3 days to catch next flight to India. In this regard, he meets Ajay and his son in Europe Airport.

    Updated at 09:30AM – Without informing his parents, Sunil starts traveling to India.

    Updated at 09:25AM – Its time for the first song of the film…

    Updated at 09:20AM – His family members tell him that he has a life treat, if he go back to India, as per their family astrologer.

    Updated at 09:10AM – Hero Sunil makes a stylish entry as a NRI. He loves India very much. But his parents doesn’t want him to go back to India.

    Updated at 09:00AM – The film has just started. The total run time of the film is 140 minutes.

    The movie has directed well and he showed Sunil differently and heroism has been showed well. Especially, a dialogue “Prepare Ae Vachhanu Raa Kodthe Repair Kooda Panikiraaru” is telling that how much heroism has been showed by Sunil.

    In all angles, such as music, cinematography, editing and star cast performance can be plus points to the film. Sunil has showed best performance in the movie, not only comedy but also emotion, romance and angry man etc. Dimple Chopade and Nikki Galrani have sacked the hearts of the youth with their gorgeous beauty and acting.

    Anyhow, the movie is getting a good response and looking to this, the movie has been made with prestigiously. So, definitely, the movie can get huge success at the box-office and movie lovers really may do Krishnastami festival.

    Cast and Crew

    Starring: Sunil, Nikki Galrani, Dimple Chopade, Brahmanandam and Kabir Duhan Singh etc
    Direction: Vasu Varma
    Music: Dinesh Kanagaratnam
    Production: Sri Venkateswara Creations

    Storyline in Brief

    Krishnastami movie story is about an NRI who returns to India for an important purpose. The movie also tells about good family values and all elements like romantic, comedy, action and drama gives a lot of entertainment.


    Dinesh Kanagaratnam has scored wonderful music to this film and attracted many people with his amazing music. All kinds of an audience are giving a good response to his music.

    Star Cast Performance

    We definitely agree that Sunil, Nikki Galrani, and Dimple Chopade have done hard work to this film by giving a wonderful performance to this film. Especially, Sunil action telling that how much hard work he did for this movie.


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