Celebrate International Girlfriend’s Day on 1st August 2023


Time to make your girlfriend feel special and appreciated, after all International Girlfriend’s Day is here.

1st August every year is celebrated as International Girlfriend’s Day. Not just boyfriends making their girlfriends feel special but it is the day to celebrate girls and women, its all about having a day doing all the fun and happy things and showing appreciation for friendship.

When did we started celebrating Girlfriend’s Day?

In the year 2002, a book name “Girlfriend’s Gateway” was released. This boo was written by Kathleen Laing and Elizabeth Butterfield. Girlfriend’s Day was launched as a promotional tool for this book.

Later this day became a national event to appreciate the women in your life who bring support and joy with their unwavering support. It is the time for partners, lovers, mates, friends to celebrate the significant bond they share with the women counterpart in their life.

It could be your Mother, Your Grandmother, your sister, your daughter or your girlfriend or just a friend, appreciating and making them feel special and thanking them for their support is very important and it should be done not one day but everyday.

Thinking How to Celebrate This Year’s International Girlfriend’s Day? Here we are with the best options available

Bored to take your women in life to a normal dinner and tired of calling it a date? Then try to make one dinner at home for them.

Invite them for a home cooked meal by yourself and cook them their favorite dish, trust you me, it will make them feel special.

Another thing you can try is a Fun Filled Day, If your women like to be adventurous, take them to a amusement park or a hike or a trek.

Make them their hot coffee and a soupy noodles after the trek, it is make them remember this for the lifetime.

Don’t want to celebrate the International Girlfriend’s Day in the usual style then plan a day out for them, take them to their favorite place to visit, have a lunch supper and an evening walk near a lake and make sure to end it with a yummy gala dinner.

Thinking to do things differently, this is something which will work for every age women. Book a Spa day after a Mani Pedi for them, make sure to take them out for their favorite fries before the relaxing massage and a big bottle of wine or a pop soda definitely works followed by a sweet romantic intimate dinner.


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