Tips on Looking Good and Comfortable in a Saree


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Let’s start this article on an honest note – you are probably fascinated by sarees. If you have ever watched a Bollywood movie or interacted with Indian pop culture in any form, chances are high you have seen this garment that has become a symbol of the country. Long, flowing and timelessly elegant, it never ceases to capture attention.

However, when you attempt to drape it, do you feel like you are drowning in the fabric instead of wearing it? Many women understandably, are not tall, so wrapping the nine-yard saree around their bodies properly seems like an impossible task – until now. Here are some tips to help you rock the garment with confidence, thanks to tying it properly.

Pleat it well

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Pleating the saree is only half the battle. If you do it well, you will look good – therefore, this is a very important part of the process. When you are wearing the pallu, the style you go for will depend on your overall comfort levels. For instance, if you want to look taller, your best bet would be making neat pleats, since these will improve your overall look and make you look taller.

In addition, this also involves pinning – you cannot get the best style of draping if you do not use pins; especially if it is your first time. For this reason, you are free to use as many pins as you want, particularly on the pallu and the pleats. At the end of the day, take your time with the draping process and practice as many times as you can – you want to look your best.

Work with lightweight fabrics

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Sarees are heavy things – do not let the flowing nature fool you. In particular, avoid silk fabrics like Jamdani or Patola when you are learning how to drape – these are heavy, and the embroidery they have adds to their weight. In addition, there are fabrics that are difficult for draping when learning due to their stiffness, and they include organza and cotton.

The fabrics you should pick instead need to drape around the body naturally, so select some like chiffon, georgette, satin and crepe. It is also easier to create pleats with them, and it will impact your body positively.

Pay attention to the petticoat

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The petticoat is very important, even though you might not think much of it. it is not only the colour you decide on, but also the type of fabric it is made of; both elements will either make or break the end result.

In fact, the first step you must always learn when draping your saree is choosing the right petticoat. If it is your first time draping, then go for a petticoat that has a tight elastic waist belt around the waist. This is a better option than selecting a petticoat that has a drawstring.

In addition, make sure you select a slim fit, as this will make you look slimmer around the hips, as well as a blouse that has quarter sleeves to add timeless elegance to your look. 

Select the correct shoes

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Sarees are long, even for tall women – so they can become quite a burden when you are trying to move around. Their length also makes it easy for you to trip if you are not careful and cause an awkward scene, so selecting the right shoes is very important.

Selecting shoes such as sandals or flats will help you walk comfortably, in a way that heels cannot. If you must wear heeled shoes, then go for wedges since they will help you stay comfortable as you stand or walk – not to mention helping you look taller. In addition, always wear your shoes before draping the saree, as this will help you avoid draping issues afterwards.

Drape correctly and at the right place

The method you use for draping will determine your final look, so you need to think about it carefully. Just a rule of thumb to use: never drape too low or too high on your waist, and always tie the petticoat at the right position before you begin draping the saree; it makes the process smoother.

Pre-pleating the saree

This might not seem like a great idea, but it actually is – particularly if you are a beginner in the art of draping a saree. If you are learning to create pleats, there is a high chance that the first pleat will not align exactly with the second, and so on. having unequal pleats is very bad for the overall look, as it makes you look untidy.

Instead of stressing out over pleats that do not match, pre-pleat them instead by marking the exact spot of the first pleat when measuring your waist. Once you are done with the measurements, make the pleats on a table and pin them, then wear the saree.

Keep your jewellery simple

If you were planning on wearing the saree with heavy accessories that look complicated in their design, well that is a bad idea. Any sharp-edged or spiky accessories such as certain earrings can end up sticking on the pleats you made or the pallu, which makes your entire look to be a clumsy one – not the best impression.

Remember that less is more. Stick to simple jewellery that has smooth edges and is lightweight, so that you appear as neat as possible.

Always select the right underwear

You might not think much of the underwear you wear, but a part of what makes saree draping easy is the underwear you select. For a better blouse structure and shape, you must wear a bra that fits properly.

If the blouse you are wearing is a padded one, always make sure to get the right cups that have correct positioning – and make sure it is as comfortable as possible.

Final thoughts

Draping a saree and looking good in it are very important, but you cannot achieve that unless you place the right foundations in your look. These tips will help you look as elegant as possible without straining.


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