Saree Style 2018: Reinvent the saree with these Bollywood divas!


A traditional six-yard seems too much for you to drape? Feel the need to reinvent, refresh and rejuvenate the traditional drape without letting its original elegance and beauty go? If yes, here are a few real-life and practical sartorial choices made by our very own Bollywood divas, which you can take a leaf out of!

You don’t have to just team up your saree with the usual blouse! Thanks to these inspiring choices made by these actresses, you have a lot of options to get creative and style your saree with, a palazzo even!

Jack it up like Jacqueline

Move over backless cholis and traditional blouses! Jacqueline wear her crisp white saree with a jacket. The overload of bling in jacket adds a depth to her look! Certainly, a fascinating choice for the time when you wouldn’t like to compromise with the personal statement and don’t want to show too much skin either!

Be the style boss. Literally.

You can also channelise the boss lady looks by pairing your pattu silk saree with a boyfriend blazer or summer coat. Easy, breezy choice for the office and a party, especially when you are heading directly and have no time to change. And no, you wouldn’t look like an air-hostess but like the diva you are! In winters, this look might save you from cold wintery evenings and dull winter style.

Make palazzo your pal like Swara!

A palazzo, a legging or a culotte in fact! Ditch the petticoat for a more comfortable and more stylish look. The palazzo-saree combination could use some time to get used to, especially after using the restroom but the swag and glamour this combination offers to the traditional saree are unmatchable!

You can even go with a kurta or a cropped top number to go with these six yards!

Shine it like Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is known for her unique and out-of-the-world fashion choices, be it sporting a rather blah ruffled denim saree or gorgeous mekhla chador! She isn’t the one to shy from the glitz and bling, which bring the much-desired glory to her look! She can wear iridescent Assamese silk, unusual combo of a belt and saree and a printed bird saree-all with same panache and unparallel enviable style!

Swagger like Shilpa Shetty!

Take a cue or two from Shilpa Shetty’s style book and amp up the saree’s glamour quotient. She wears the saree with a legging, a belt and even like a dhoti- in Maharashtrian style!

Off-shoulder tops, stripes, barely-there blouses and belts that flaunt her hourglass figure seem to her favourite and we certainly, aren’t complaining at all!  She teases us to flout the rules and give in to style temptations!

A saree looks beautiful, no matter how you would like to pair it up! Experiment and creativity is the key to look like a quintessential ethnic chic! You can definitely try these styles at home and take your ethnic-fusion style to another level!



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