Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Flower Girl Dress


When you are in the market to select wedding attire, then you might need to spend plenty of time searching for a beautiful wedding dress. A flower girl dress is an equally important ensemble that deserves equal attention like your gorgeous bridal gown.

Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Flower Girl Dress

Rules For Choosing a Dress for a Flower Girl

Ensure that the dress of the flower girl matches to your wedding theme

If you are going to attend a traditional wedding, then choose traditional flower girl dresses. An ideal flower girl dress fits the feel and formality of the wedding. It also suits the character of the little girl and makes her feel comfortable to wear throughout the day.

It is not necessary to choose a white-colored flower girl dress

Ideally, the flower girl has a tendency to wear white flower girl dresses. This does not mean that you have to stick to white shades such as white, ivory, or diamond. If you are keen to choose a pastel-colored bridal gown, then choose a flower girl dress that is accented with blue or pink color.

Go for a different brand as that of your wedding dress

You should not think of buying a dress for a flower girl from the same company from where you purchased your bridal gown. The only benefit of choosing the same brand for both dresses is that you can easily manage to get them in the same color.

When you choose the dress from a different brand, then you can choose the best and most precise color that may not exactly match your wedding gown color.  This will look a little different but a pleasant experience for everyone.

Consider the flower girl dress length

If the flower girl that you have chosen is older, then you should go for a longer dress, but if she is younger, then you can go for a shorter frock. Most of the flower girl dresses are short so as to prevent any possibility of tripping or falling off the dress while she walks down the aisle.

Book your flower girl dress close to the wedding date

It is advised to book the dress of your flower girls only a few days before the occasion. This is because if you purchase it a few months prior to the wedding, then you can even run the danger of the dress of not fitting on the Big day.

Take the assistance of the flower girl to help in making the best choice

If you wish to ensure that the flower girl will appreciate the dress, then you should also bring her to the shopping. Provide her with some options and allow her to choose the one that she likes it. Let it be fun for the bride as well as the flower girl. This will create a bond with both of them and infuses respect in the flower girl for the bride.


Ensure that your cute smallest attendant also looks very incredible as the bridal party and the bride. These must-implement tips will definitely help you choose the perfect flower girl dress for your occasion.


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