Tollywood Critics on Kanche Movie Review & Rating(3.5/5)First day Box Office Collection


Kanche Movie Review & Rating: Mega varun teja is coming with is second movie Kanche which is directed by Krish. Produced by Y Rajeev Reddy & J Sai Babu. Music by Chirantan Bhat. Starring Varun Tej, Pragya Jaiswalthe soundtrack of the film was released on 17 September 2015 coinciding with Ganesh Chaturti. The film is scheduled for a worldwide release on 22 October 2015.So before going to movie lets have  look on Kanche Telugu Movie Review Rating by audience and Tollywood Critics

Kanche Movie Review & Rating(3.5/5)First day Box Office Collection


Kanche Movie Review & Story Details:

The movie is all about second world war and a love story which related to the war and trailer looks very impressive. Varun tej will appear as Soldier in this movie. Varun looks very convincing in this movie. 75 years ago World War II started, claiming the lives of over 50 million people.

Kanche Inside Talk is positive as revealed by Kanche Censor Report. The hype and expectations are expected to get doubled once the positive Kanche Telugu Movie Review, Rating comes out. Kanche has good Overseas release so the first Kanche Telugu Movie Review, Rating will come out from the Overseas Premieres.Live Updates of Premier/ benefit Shows From USA, UK, London, Kuwait, Dubai of First Day First Show. You can Watch the Videos/ Images of Varun Tej’s Kanche Movie Public Talk, Audience Review From Overseas & 1st Day Box Office Collections Report Official.

Positive Kanche Telugu Movie Review, Rating mean that the movie will be the pick of audience this festival season. Good Kanche Telugu Movie Review, Rating will increase the movie openings as well and get Kanche national wide recognition

This film touches upon love and war. It focuses on the contribution of Indian soldiers in World War II, while presenting a macro and micro perspective about love. Audience Talk : “Kanche” is an emotional and intense period movie that revolves around the lives of a young soldier named Dhupati Hari Babu, who fought against Germany in the World War II, and his ladylove. The movie has an interesting story, say the audience, who have hailed director Krish.

Live Update  Kanche Movie Story

10:36 AM : Back to 30’s.Hari Babu (Varun Tej) revolts against the zamindars and keeps his promise.

10 :34 AM : Twist in the tale yet again and some scene featuring a massive fight is on

10:32 Am: A Twist is Here. Surprisingly, Hari Babu saves Eeshwar and officials from German team

10 :28 AM : Movie Shifted between 1936 & 1944 10 : 26 AM : It’s a 3rd Song

10:25 Am: “Nijamenani Nammani” is a soul full track sung by Shreya Ghoshal… Slows down the pace further.Cinematographer steals the show here. Some wat Less than 1st Half. Slowly Moving but good Screen Play.

10:19 Am: Premalo yuddham untundi, Prema yudham lane untundi: Hari Babu. (Varun). 10:17 Am: Castism crosses barriers in Devarakonda village.. And Hari Babu gets attacked by goons.

10: 15 AM: Twist in the Love Story. 10:12 Am: On the other side, seetha’s family gets to know about secret love affair..

10:05 Am: Post Interval, Hari Babu and team movie forward from point 5176. 1st Half Highlights : Photography,Backgroundscore,Dialogues,Performances Dialogues : Istam unte Roja Poovu ni Kostam… Prema unte Roja chettu ki neelu postam

9:58 AM: Interval. So far no dull moments. Krish made a gripping and clear screenplay. Stunning visuals.

9:50 AM: Movies going back and forth to 1944 and 1936. Showcasing the episodes between Varun, Pragya & Nikitin in 1936 and projecting Varun effort to resuce his team in 1944.

09:47 AM : Luckily Hari Babu (varun tej) and few survive the first attack.. Plans to ambush German army with the help of locals.

09 : 45 AM : Pragya Jaiswal looks gorgeous in the flashback episodes.

09 : 43 AM : Some Serious War Scenes are happening..

09: 37 AM : Fight of involving Hari Babu (Varun) and Eeshwar (Nikitin Dheer).

09 : 34 AM : Eeshwar (Niketan Dheer) has also introduced as heroine’s Seetha brother.

09 : 32 AM : Its Time For 2nd Song..oru yeraindhi..Colorful.

09 :31 AM : Heroine and Scene Visuals Superb.

09:25 Am: Returns back to 1936 gets strangled by religious fight between the Villagers.

9:23 Am: Time to defend the territory.Germans attack through Ju 870 Planes and Tanks.First fight sequence involving Hari Babu (Varun) and Eeshwar (Nikitin Dheer).

09:20 AM : Parallel narration between village And War ground scenes are promisingly handled.

09:17 AM: 1936 ye kadhu 2036 ayina premikulu dakkoni dakkoni ye kalavali. : Haribabu..

09: 16 AM : High Voltage war Scenes Happening now.

09: 10 AM : War Visuals are Very Shot except some Scenes. Krish did a great job

09 : 05 AM : Movie Goes into 1930

09:01 AM : Time for the 1st song Yetu Tetu . Wait for Kanche Movie Review, Rating

08:58 AM : The movie heads into a flash back now. Pragya Jaiswal makes an entry as Seeta Devi.

08:52 AM : Some scenes related to world war 2 are on now.Varun Tej makes a simple entry

08: 52 AM : Started with Hitlar Speech 08: 51 AM : Movie Title Cards Started

Kanche Movie Rating:

Kanche Telugu Movie Rating:3.5/5 Expected  Rating

Kanche Movie Plus Points :Coming Soon

Kanche Movie Negative Points :Coming Soon

Kanche Movie Final Verdict/ Word : Kanche is an emotional and intense period drama movie that revolves around the lives of a young soldier named Dhupati Hari Babu, who fought against Germany in World War II. The film throws light on his and his ladylove’s lives.

Reasons to watch Varun Tej’s Kanche Movie

  • The movie is set in a backdrop of World War and before Independence plot, there are no war scene movies in the present days.
  • Hardwork of Soldiers towards the nation will be shown.
  • Action scenes of lead actors
  • Old but catchy way of Screenplay
  • Pragya Jaiswal charming face
  • The complete story is all about ‘in war there is love’ and ‘love is like war’
  • 2.5 million Indian Soldiers fought in Africa, Europe and Asia
  • Experience the ‘The Greatest Battle Ever in the History’

Kanche Telugu Movie first Day Collection

Kanche Movie 1st Day Collection Business Report.: There are lots of positive points of the movie like, the story line which is a bit different, the performance of Varun Teja and the war-sequences. Lets see how the movie is performing in the box office collection market. Just cross your finger and hope the best for the movie. As per trader’s talk the movie will earn good box office business and soon i will update it,Share the page and click like if you enjoyed the article. Stay tuned to the page for Kanche Movie Review, Rating & 1st day Box Office Collections. Soon we will update the site with the actual Kanche Movie

1st day Box Office Collections.

Kanche Movie Theatrical Trailer:


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