The Witch English Movie Review Rating (3/5) First Day Box Office Collections


The Witch English Movie Review : The most awaited upcoming movie The witch is going to hit theaters tomorrow i.e, on 26th feb 2016. A first viewing of The Witch finds you dropped into the deep end of a dark pool and writer/director Robert Eggers refuses to throw you a life preserver. The film begins in medias res, with a Puritan family being exiled from their community in 17th century New England and journeying into the wilderness to build a new home where they can worship as they see fit. And by “they,” the movie he really means “he,” the family’s patriarch William (Ralph Ineson, in a performance of astonishing power and rage).Check out the The Witch English Movie Review, rating, story line, plus points, minus points & verdict from below.

The Witch English Movie Review
The Witch English Movie Review

The Witch English Movie Review & Story Plot

Characters speak in antiquated language, much of it drawn from actual witch trial transcripts, and many of the conversations demand that you understand the intention of the exchange rather than the actual words. Like the film’s heavily researched and immaculate sets and costumes, the characters themselves feel like they were drawn out of the past – their English is not our English, their turns of phrase belong to a bygone era.

A viewer says- If someone called you a witch, they really thought you were capable of doing all the horrible things the witch does in this film. That was just a fact, the same way trees are a fact and dirt is a fact. So that was like — okay, this can work. I know what the witch of the early modern period is, and now I just have to recreate the early 17th century and the mindset so that the audience can get into that too.

The evil witch of the early modern period [represents] men’s fears, ambivalences, desires, and fantasies about women and female power.The movie posters got huge response from audience. And she also manifested herself as women’s own fears and ambivalences about themselves in this male-dominated society. So I didn’t have to try to do anything. It was already there.

The Witch English Movie Rating -(3/5)-EXPECTED

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