Tere Bin Laden dead or alive movie Trailer Got Nice Audience Response


Tere Bin Laden dead or alive movie Trailer:Upcoming movie “Tere Bin Laden: Dead or Alive”, starring Manish Paul, Pradhuman Singh among other in key roles, is out. The movie is the second instalment of comical satire “Tere Bin Laden” and revolves around terrorist Osama Bin Laden post 9/11 attack.‘Tere Bin Laden 2’ first look releasedThe makers released the trailer of the sequel titled, ‘Tere Bin Laden Dead or Alive’. And going by the looks of the trailer, the film looks like it will resonate with people seeking intelligent humour.


The trailer explains the story which revolves around a Bollywood director hired by the CIA on the pretext of making a Hollywood film on Osama’s death. It so happens that a Pakistani group hijacks the idea and things seem to take a different course.Director Abhishek Sharma has claimed that the film will have a common thread with its prequel but the script is original.

Tere Bin Laden dead or alive movie Trailer Got Nice Audience Response

CIA hiring a Bollywood director, played by Manish Paul, to make a movie on how the US government killed Laden. However, the real motive of the CIA would be to shoot the actor, portraying Laden on camera, and eventually turn it into an evidence of Laden being dead.

“Tere Bin Laden: Dead or Alive” is not exactly a sequel to the first part, but is regarded as a spin-off. The trailer reveals some of the funny parts in the film. Pradhuman Singh plays the role of on-screen Laden and his looks in the film almost matches with the actual terrorist.

The Makers Shared Tere Bin Laden dead or alive movie Trailer on their Twitter page. They Twitted: “A million dollar chase for a million dollar face #TereBinLadenDeadorAlive #Trailer @ManishPaul03 @sikandarbk.”

While the movie is slated to be released on 19 February, check the official trailer of “Tere Bin Laden: Dead or Alive” below.

WATCH Tere Bin Laden dead or alive movie Trailer Audience Response


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