Sunn le zara song 1921 Zareen Khan and Karan Kundra is a haunting melody


Sunn le zara song 1921 Zareen Khan and Karan Kundra is a haunting melody:

Sun Le Zara

In movie 1921 of Zarine Khan and Karan Kundra, we took our attention with the release of our trailer. Today, a new song from the movie was released, Sunn Le Zara. This song is on a very delicate time in the life of Jorge (Zarine Khan) when he is almost going to leave his life. We can see that he is trying to poison himself but the song of Iyush (Karan Kundra) stops him, but Zeran slowly gets cured of his tension, which is initially exposed by his side. When he is smiling and enjoying life, Karan gives a letter in which he has written after many tests and errors. The mood of Zaren’s standing song is very sad. Well, Sunn La Zara is a very emotional number. Arnab Dutta sang the song, brought in the right amount of craving and sadness.

ShakeelAzmi has written songs while music is done by Harish Sageen. Movie 1921 has been written and directed by Vikram Bhatt, and, as usual, he has rejected it. We see a vast expanse of London’s rural areas, a Victorian structured house, everyone has beautifully illustrated this period. The songs are shot in a great way and in the end, there are horror aspects. Both Zeron and Karan are breathtaking at the point of intersection. This movie is set in the 1920’s, as the name suggests and everyone is right for this period.

The third installment of the 1920 franchise, 1921, is making discussion on the Internet since the release of the horror film trailer in the beginning of this month. Directed by Vikram Bhatt, directed for the direction of the unprecedented horror films like Joe Raj, Pratwale and 1920, the main roles include Jaren Khan and Karan Kundra. Soon after the release of the film trailer, the producers now unveiled a new romantic track from the movie Suraj Le Zara, which is a romantic love story of Zen Khan and Karan Kundra but with haunted secrets.

The voice of beautiful romantic track has been raised by Arnab Dutta and the song has been given by ShakeelAzmi. Sun Le Zara is composed by Harish Savene, Vikram Bhatt has helped this horror movie. The 1921 trailer tells the story of AYUSH, in 1921, the story of moving to London played by Karan Kundra to study music. It has only been a month and its life is going on completely until it experiences some extraordinary activity and the mental medium, which was given the name Gulab for the assistance played by Zerin Khan and promised to help him As soon as he raises his case, both become closer to each other and become intimate and slowly develop emotions.

1921 is prepared for release on January 12, 2018.Director Vikram Bhatt says that his new film, 1921, in which he started shooting in Britain last month, will be set a new precedent, as far as the horror genre in Bollywood is concerned. Actor Zarina Khan is leading the cast with actor Karan Kundra. “This thing is not just scary but to make the audience feel and protect them for the characters, 1921 is a film that is beyond style.” In a statement Bhatt said, “The great villain of great love is a great Why can not it be evil? “The film revolves around the main cast of their dark patts and mysteries to keep their present and future safe. Is about men, and is based entirely in the UK

This is not the first time with Bhatt’s horror genre. He has worked on the Secrets Series, the Haunted 3D and the 1982 franchisees. Like in 1920, in the 1921 film, there will be a strong romantic and emotional basis between the prominent pair. “So far, we have finalized only Zarine, she is playing the role of female leadership. We are looking for a male actor for another role, Bhatt said in a previous interview,” I like Hate Story 3 And I really believe that she is not the most extraordinary actress we have. ‘

“1920 films are set in the time zone of a period and they require a certain body type for actors, the type of body, body language should be such that they look right in any age. Like, timeless is perfect for the role, “he said.


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