Shah Rukh Speaks He is Having too Many Worries In His LIfe


Shah Rukh Khan Known as King of Bollywood,SuperStar, Bhadshah,Don,Dilwale and many more He is the highest paid Actor of Bollywood , but there are things that even Shah Rukh Khan can’t buy seems surprising but The SuperStar recently said He aspired to buy a Private plane but cant buy as he was running with low funds as investing all of his money in the movies

“I want to buy a plane but I don’t have money. I put all my money in my films. I would really like to travel in a private plane because I can do a lot more work… One day I will make sure I have enough money. But I don’t have enough money as I put in films. There is always a choice – buy a plane or make a film – so I make a film,” said Shah Rukh.

 He owns a film production company Red Chillies Entertainment with his wife Gauri.After making his way into the world of glitz and glamour through the small screen, the actor took the leap for silver screen. The Dilwale star is not only known as an entertainer, but as a successful entrepreneur.

“I have a lot of worries in life because when you are at this level and are doing such kind of work, then there are a lot of things you have to look at.” he said when he was asked about his worries 


“The biggest worry is that you have to be nice to everyone, care about everyone and think about everyone. There are days when I just want to say that ‘No, I don’t want to…somebody please take care of me’.”


“And you are always worried about making sure that if you are in a place, or you are meeting someone, then you don’t end up hurting someone. But there are days when I want to have no worries, no working worries.”

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