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Shah Rukh Khan Captures Stunning Stills Of His Children And Shared In Twitter


Shah Rukh Khan tweeted a picture of his toddler AbRam Khan while he was playing with his elder  brother Aryan and we could not help but love it..AbRam-Aryan. When Shah Rukh Khan’s away for shoots, he still manages to be with his kids all the time.

Shah Rukh Khan Captures Stunning Stills Of His Children AbRam-Aryan and shared in twitter .

A lot has been heard, written and seen about Shah Rukh Khan’s little one, AbRam. And in a recent picture posted by AbRam Khan’s fanclub, we get a glimpse of what actually transpires inside the Khan house. A cute picture of Shah Rukh’s elder son, Aryan Khan, holding little AbRam upside down by his legs has gone viral on social sites. While AbRam seems to be enjoying this upside down ride, we wonder what papa Shah Rukh has to say about it.

Far from being afraid, little AbRam seems to be enjoying the antics. Shah Rukh Khan also shared a collage of his three beautiful kids’ baby pictures – AbRam, Suhana and Aryan with a heart-melting caption, “The 3 roots of virtue r : Lack of greed, Lack of hatred, Lack of delusion…I have all three by default not by deeds”

 Shah Rukh Khan shares adorable picture of ‘upside down’ AbRam with big brother Aryan.The actor, who is busy with Rohit Shetty’s ‘Dilwale’ along with Kajol, seems to be in a reflective mood these days. He also posted a self portrait in a white shirt, denim jacket and blue mirrored sunnies.

Shah Rukh Khan Extremely active on social media, Shah Rukh Khan boasts of over 15 million followers on Twitter. Not only does the actor share posts about his films and life on the sets, but also keeps his fans informed about matters close to his heart and that includes his children.

Shah Rukh Khan with his younger son:@ cricket stadium  IPL 2015 match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians in Kolkata, on April 8, 2015

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Aryan Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan in one frame:

It’s not just the B-Town daddies, Shah Rukhan  and Saif Ali Khan, who are good friends. Looks like their sons too enjoy each other’s company. In a recent picture posted by Saif Ali Khan’s son, Ibrahim, on his social media account, he is seen posing with Shah Rukh’s son Aryan Khan and two female friends. While both the boys look absolutely dapper, the girls look pretty. By looking at the picture, we can’t help but wonder, if this is the beginning of a new ‘Khan’daani friendship.

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Imran Khan  And his daughter “imra” Playing In Beach:

It looks like Imran Khan, his wife Avantika, and their baby Imara are on a mini vacation in Goa. Imran, who just recently joined Instagram, posted this adorable photo of Imara on the beach. And then, just a little while after that, Avantika posted another photo on her Instagram profile, which features both Imran and Imara playing together. Well, with parents as cute as Imran and Avantika, it is hardly a surprise that little Imara has turned out to be such a cutie.

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Saif Ali Khan son with his sister sara:

Saif Ali Khan son CHARMER looks like Saif Ali Khan and following Saif Ali Khan style.Saif Ali Khan’s son is a charmer all the way. Recently, at his father’s birthday bash, the star kid attended to all the guests present. But when it comes to his sister, Sara, Ibrahim never misses an opportunity to tease her. He recently shared a picture with his sister and wrote “She ain’t even my height w 3 inch heels. Happy birthday shortyyy ❤️”.Ibrahim is following in his dad’s footsteps.

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