Rajinikanth’s Journey from a Bus Conductor to Thalaiva


Rajinikanth is undoubtedly one of the most legendary actors to ever exist. He is considered as the God of the South Indian film community which is a result of his dedication and enormous fan following. With extreme hard work and constant persistence, Rajinikanth has managed to work his way up the ladder and now he is considered to be one of the best and most successful actors in the cinema industry.

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Rajinikanth’s Early Life and Stage

Shivaji Rao Gaikwad, now known as Rajinikanth was born on 12 December 1950 in Bangalore to a Marathi family. He had four siblings and was the youngest amongst them. His father worked as a police constable and his mother, Jijabai died during his early years of childhood. Due to his mother’s death, Rajnikanth’s family went through a lot of financial issues, as a result of which he resorted to certain jobs like working as a coolie, carpenter, bus conductor, in order to earn money and support his family to make it till the month’s end.

Rajinikanth’s Journey from a Bus Conductor to Thalaiva

Entering the World of Cinema

Even though Rajinikanth worked as a bus conductor, his love for movies and acting had always been deeply engraved inside his heart. He made quite a name for himself among the tourists and other workers, due to his unique and eccentric methods of whistling and ticket distribution.

During his younger days, Rajinikanth acted in a few theatre shows. His love for movies soon became a passion and he joined the Film industry of Adyar in Chennai. Whilst performing in one of the shows in the institute, he captivated the eyes of the known director K.K Balachander, who at that time became so enthralled by Rajnikanth’s performance that he offered him a role in his script. Rajinikanth mostly played negative and supporting roles after he first entered the industry, however this was the first step that he took towards becoming one of the most popular and well known celebrities in the country.

Rajinikanth’s path towards the Road of Success

Rajinikanth’s path towards the Road of Success

Rajinikanth got his first break when he was casted as a lead actor for the first time in the movie Bhairavi. The movie resulted to be ground breaking as the country started recognizing Rajinikanth for his and soon he ended up with a swarm of fan followers.

After receiving his first breakthrough, Rajinikanth constantly gave the film industry super hit films like Padayappa, Baasha, Arunachalam, Nallavanukku Nallavan, Mullum Malarum and a lot more. Rajinikanth’s fan following was not only bounded to India, he acquired a huge number of fans in Japan after his movie Muthu became popular there.

Even though several years have passed since his debut in the film industry, Rajinikanth proved that his passion for acting runs deep in his blood as he continued to make super hit films like Shivaji- The Boss, Robot and Kabali, even at the age of 68. He earned 8.6$ million from the movie Sivaji which made him the second most paid actor in the whole of Asia, after Jackie Chan.

Rajnikanth’s most Renowned Awards

Rajnikanth’s most Renowned Awards

Year Award
1985 Filmfare Award for Best Actor- Tamil
2000 Padma Bhushan
2008, 2011, 2015 Vijay Award for favourite Hero
2010 Chevalier Sivaji Ganesan Award for Excellence in Indian Cinema
2011 Vijay Award for Best Villain
2016 Padma Vibhushan
2020 Dadasaheb Phalke Award


Rajinikanth’s Top Movies

  • Mullum Malarum
  • Thalapathi
  • Baasha
  • Padayappa
  • Shivaji – The Boss
  • Robot
  • Muthu
  • Kabaali

A look into Rajinikanth’s Family

Actor Rajinikanth married his wife Latha Rangachari on 26th of February in 1981, in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. Rajinikanth and Latha are parents to two beautiful daughters, Aishwarya Rajinikanth and Soundarya Rajinikanth.

Rajinikanth’s eldest daughter Aishwarya got married to actor Dhanush on the 18th of November, 2004 and she is a mother to two boys, Yathra and Linga.

Rajinikanth’s youngest daughter, Soundarya is a director, producer and graphic designer in the Tamil Film Industry. She has a son named Ved Krishna with her first husband Ashwin Ramkumar. Currently she is married to Vishagan Vanangamudi, who is an actor as well as a businessman.

Rajinikanth’s Net Worth

At the age of 70, Rajinikanth’s net worth is estimated to be Rs 365 crore INR, in the year 2021.

Rajinikanth’s Popular Nickname Thalaiva

In Tamil, the word Thalaiva means a leader or a boss. Due to actor Rajinikanth’s endearing personality and determination to make the best out of everything that he does, he has acquired the name “Thalaiva” for himself and is known as the same all over India. Fans all over the country address him with the nickname Thalaiva in a way of paying their respects.

Luxurious Cars owned by Rajinikanth

The superhero of South Indian movies owns a number of luxurious cars. Some of those models include a BMW X5, a Mercedes Benz G-Class, a Rolls Royce Phantom, a Rolls Royce Ghost and a custom built Limousine, whose estimated worth is around Rs 22 crore INR. Despite is collection of so many luxurious cars, actor Rajinikanth is an extremely humble and a down to earth person which is probably the reason why he is so successful and well known.

From Rajinikanth’s journey from a bus conductor to Thalaiva, one can surely learn the importance of hard work and passion. Despite of his poor financial conditions, Rajinikanth never gave up on his dreams and instead worked extra hard in order to be able to pursue them. At the end his hard work and dedication paid off and now he is one of the most successful and known personalities in the country.


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