Phantom movie Review Rating : Strong, Powerful and Thrilling


Phantom Movie Review and Rating: Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif’s new movie Phantom has hit the theaters this weekend and the response is good. Kabir Khan is directing this film and no wonder why this film has wrapped up huge expectations. As kabir Khan is on a swing in Bollywood with Bajrangi Bhaijaan’s success, audience were expecting a lot more from this action packed Phantom. But Kabir lived upto their expectations and delivered a masterpiece. So folks, Before you rush to the theaters, take a look at the Phantom movie review rating and also go through the plot.

Phantom is out on this Friday all over India. Though it’s banned in Pakistan, some fans are eagerly waiting for the film to be released. Since there are no other competitors for Phantom, it will grab big bucks at the box office.

Phantom Movie Story Line

I think everyone is pretty clear with the main motive behind the plot of Phantom. If not, take a look at what Phantom’s Trailer which will definitely give you an idea about the story line of the film.

Phantom story is about an former Army Officer(Saif Ali Khan) who gets into a mission to hunt down the 2008, 26/11 terrorists. It’s been 7 years already and the people who created this chaos aren’t still caught. As a result this officer along Katrina Kaif and a bunch of guys begin their operation.

Why Saif gets this mission and what role did Katrina played in this flick? Why audience are admiring the action and nail biting scenes? To get answers to these, you must come and watch it yourself.

Phantom Movie Review

Kabir Khan is on Cloud 9 with Phantom’s success. The audience are loving the film and it’s like another Baby flick, some say it. Nail Biting, clinching and something which must be experienced in the theaters itself. Kabir Khan has become a expert in these kind of films. He makes you think, but then ambushes you for sure.

Saif is all smiles at the moment with Phantom’s success. He was devastated with Agent Vinod’s failure, but he came strong with another film of same genre and proved his worth. Yeah, Saif can do any kind of role and can come out of it strong. This is proved with his performance in Phantom. Katrina Kaif too managed to get along with Saif. We get to see some of the Ek Tha Tiger stunts performed Kat once again. Kat nails it and you will enjoy her performance.

Phantom Movie Review
Phantom Movie Review

There’s one thing you shouldn’t miss about this film. That’s the climax which is pretty exciting. All the action sequences in the flick are shown in a different way, which might be the reason behind the audience being glued to their seats. So it’s a hit. Go and watch it.

The highlights of the film include Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif. they just went all out for this flick and even Kat was desperate to taste some success as she has having long breaks with the films. Ranbir, who’s a flop streak is delighted with his girlfriend’s success. Kudos to the star cast who accepted this film and also to the entire team who pulled off a ripper for us.

Coming to the star performances, it’s all about saif mission, so it is obvious that he will be the main focus. He dives, runs, rolls himself and fires some big guns. Don’t miss this action this weekend.

On the whole, Phantom is worth watching and will thrill you. So book your tickets nd watch it at the earliest.

Phantom Movie Rating and Short Review

Phantom stands out as a winner. Public response and critic reviews came out good. We would be rating 3.5/5 stars for showing us the true power of Indian Army.

Share your views and stay tuned for box office report.

Movie Name: Phantom

Directed by : Kabir Khan

Actor and Actress: Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif

Phantom Review Rating : 3.5/5 Stars, 70% Positive Rating


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