Phantom Movie first Tuesday Box office Collection


Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif’s Phantom box office report is here. The film was released last Friday and is having a good time at the box office. The movie did miss a spark, but is attracting a lot of audience to enjoy the tension the drama. Kabir Khan’s attempt to show the power of India is quite good, but the film was missing X factor. As a result the film stood out as a hit rather than becoming a blockbuster.

Phantom Movie first Tuesday Box office Collection
Phantom Movie first Tuesday Box office Collection

In this article, we will be sharing you the full box office report of Phantom till date. It’s been 5 days already and we present you the 5th day box office collections along with total box office collections. Phantom movie’s key points include drama and some killer action. You must watch it to feel the anxiety.

Coming to the earning report, On Friday which was the opening day, Phantom bagged 8.46 Crore, followed by 12.27 Crore on Saturday. On Sunday, Phantom’s collections were good too and it bagged around 11.94 crore. Monday and Tuesday’s box office collections were 4.40 Crore and 3.63 Crore respectively. So on the whole, the total box office collections of Phantom movie stood at 41.21. Crore ny 5 days. That’s pretty good for a movie with mixed reviews. Let’s just appreciate the audience for encouraging this kind of film.

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So did you watch the film? If you haven’t watched it yet, do watch it at the earliest. Do read our review and also go through the box office report before you hit the theaters.

Hope you have enjoyed the article. Share your views and stay tuned for more latest updates of Phantom, The Movie.


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