Neerja Movie Review;Making of the Film


Neerja Bhanot is the story of the girl who had Extra ordinary courage in her,Fear gave her Courage.

The movie was Directed by Ram Madhvani, the biopic is based on flight attendant Neerja Bhanot. In 1986, Neerja was shot down as she saved the passengers of the Pan Am Flight 73, which was hijacked by terrorists in Karachi.

The movie Neerja casts Sonam in the major  role while Shabana Azmi plays the role of her endearing mother. Neerja belongs to a middle class family and loves her job, though her mother wants her to quit it. It captures the intense moments which depict the 23-year-old’s sacrifice to save 359 lives.

The film was produced by Atul Kasbekar under the banner of Fox Star Studios.The film revolves around the factual hijacking of Pan Am Flight 73 in Karachi, Pakistan specifically focusing on flight attendant Neerja Bhanot. This film shows how the young flight attendant fought for the lives of her passengers.

It was reported that Sonam Kapoor had been selected to play the role of Neerja Bhanot the senior flight crew member in December 2015

“When we heard the script of Neerja, we immediately knew we wanted to make the film. It’s the kind of content that Fox Star instinctively believes in and wants to back. Captained by Ram Madhvani, and with Sonam Kapoor and Shabana Azmi, Neerja, we believe, is a cracker of a film.”said the creative development head

Making of the movie

Neerja’s story is set in 1986, a time when technology was still limited. Hence, the entire set of the Pan Am Flight which was made for the film, needed to have analog switches and circuits in its recreated cockpit. The designers also stuck to the minutest detailing about the interiors, as if they were constructing a real flight. No wonder lead actress Sonam Kapoor said, “The flight just needed an engine to fly”.

This video about the awesome creativity shown by the designing team which made the flight come alive, so much so that even the film’s hijack sequences would seem authentic.


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