Nayanthara Mayuri Telugu Movie Review, Rating And Collections


Mayuri Telugu Movie Review & Rating In Nayanathara’s ‘Mayuri’ With her great acting ability Nayanthara have certainly earned a name for herself in the Telugu film industry. The movie music too justifies the movie plot as all the song composition is really effectual and every line of each song is truly meaningful. In her recent Flick, Mayuri, where she plays a double role, has got appreciation not only from the movie directors and producers but has also grabbed the attention of movie critiques too. With this the movie has also gained, lots of popularity for its outstanding cinematography. Also the lead role of a mother played by Nayantahra positively added cherry on the cake. .

Nayanthara Mayuri Telugu Movie Review, Rating And Collections


We are here to say story of Mayuri film exclusively. This film will be purely scariest film ever. Film begins with a dark place named ‘Mayavanam’ and one lady named Maya dies there and after that, whoever goes to that place will be definitely meets the death. This becomes to raise lots of rumours up on that place and our hero Vasanth and friends goes there with his friends to investigate what is the mystery behind all these deaths in that place. When charming beauty Nayantara enters to picture and how hero reveals the mystery behind death and how ghost located there tries to kill them should be watched on screen itself.

Directed by multi talented Ashwin Saravanan, the movie also has Aari, Amzath Khan, Lakshmi Priya, Chandramouli, Robo Shankar etc. For giving an outstanding performance on silver screen, Nayanthara’s has got 3.5 stars out of 5. However, the movie, which is based on an action thriller, has also used very simple and influential locations which have made the audience to go with the flick flow. Meanwhile, the dialogues used in the movie are very impacting. All, the movie dialogues are delivered in a very expressive and emotional manner. All the actors, including Nayanathara with their dialogue delivery won many hearts. According to many critics, she has done a very emotional role which surely created a mesmerizing aura in the cinema halls. The flick is a bilingual horror adventure story and it will hit theaters in both Tamil as well as Telugu languages.

Artistes Performances: Actress Nayanthara was at her best and she was the highlight of this movie. She did a decent job and carried the entire movie on her shoulders. Her expressions and body language are superb.

Aari acted well and he does well in his role. All the other actors did their job with utmost ease. Cute baby stole the show with her innocent expressions.

Plus Points: Story of this movie is unique and it has been written cleverly. There are enough thrills, which are elevated with a thumping background score. Maya movie has enough thrills and keeps the audiences engaged. The run time of this movie is another major plus of this movie.

Minus Points: Maya movie is good in horror quotient. Even though the makers had a scope of adding horror elements during the climax, they have failed to do so. Many scenes in this movie will remind you of a Hollywood movie.

This movie may not appeal to all segments of the audiences since it is a horror genre.

Analysis: Those who seek thrills and love horror films will be delighted, but if you seek casual and lighthearted entertainment, this is not for you. Camerawork is good and so is the background score. Director succeeded in engaging the audiences. Editing is okay and so is the run time. Production values are brilliant.


Nayanthara Mayuri Telugu Movie Cast & Crew:

Director: Ashwin Saravanan

Producer: C Kalyan (Telugu Version)

Writer: Ashwin Saravanan

Story: Ashwin Saravanan

Music Director: Ron Ethan Yohaan

Production company: Potential Studios

Starring :

Amzath Khan,
Lakshmi Priyaa
Robo Shankar
Sharath & Mime Gopi
Cinematography : Sathyan Sooryan

Editor : T. S. Suresh

Release Date : 17th September, 2015

Country : India





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