Mollywood Critics On ATM Malayalam Movie Review, Rating (2.5/5) First Day Collections


ATM Malayalam Movie Review: The New movie directed by Jespal Shanmugan revolves around a robbery that takes place in a bank.Jackie Shroff, Bhagath Manual, Vinayakan, Preveen Prem, Hari Krishnan, and Subiksha do the main roles in the film.Jackie Shroff plays the head thief of a gang of five thieves. Bhagath Manuel, Praveen Prem, Hari, and Vinayakan do the other four thieves. ATM Malayalam Movie Review, Rating , Story Live Updates .


BOOKMYSHOW SYNOPSIS ATM is a heist film and revolves around a mastermind who plans a bank robbery. He gets four unemployed youth trapped in his plan, which involves framing them for the robbery. What happens next

ATM Malayalam Movie Review &  Story Details

story revolves around a robbery that takes place in a bank. The mastermind of the robbery picks up four small thieves to help him. He plans the robbery in such a way that the small thieves get arrested at the end of the mission. But, he later realizes that the four thieves are petty robbers and involved in the mission to make a out a living. He changed his mind and saves them. Each one of the gang of four gets an equal share of the robed money.

Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff plays mastermind called Swathi who comes from outside Kerala. The versatile actor from Bollywood had a taste of Malayalam earlier in Athishayan directed by Vinayan. He played the role of a scientist in the supernatural thriller which didn’t get a good theater mileage. Bhagath Manuel, Praveen Prem, Hari and Vinayakan come in the roles of four petty thieves who fall victims of the mastermind’s plan.

Bhagath had a bad time for last two years and 2015 seems to be his comeback time. After some disastrous appearences in 2014, the actor is slowely getting busy in 2015. ATM marks his return to heroic roles. In conversation with the media, Bhagath recently revealed his plan to to be choosy this year. He accepted all the roles came to him in 2014 and many of those films couldn’t make it to the theater.

ATM Malayalam Movie Rating -(2.5/5)

Audiences are responding very naturally, some of them told that the movie was great and they can’t saw this kind of movie previously and some replied that they were expected something in the film but overall not bad.


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