Kumkum Bhagya 25th September 2015 Friday Episode Update

 The Episode begins with Mamaji coming along with Bulbul after finishing his makeover. Pragya and Dadi get surprised with his new makeover. Mamaji says I am the Mangal Singh. Also Bulbul says to call her  Aaliya. So Pragya calls Aaliya and tells her to come over to New Era hotel. Aaliya replies I can’t come there as many faces know me. Pragya told that she had convinced her boss to meet you.

Aaliya said that she will meet him near her house and confirms meeting at 8:30 pm. Pragya says she will talk to him. Pragya, Dadi and Bulbul are glad. Aaliya told Dadi that she had made delicious food. Aaliya asked Pragya to come and have some food. Abhi said if she has food, then atleast she will skip drinking our blood. Aaliya said Ronnie to serve for Pragya. Everyone had food and enjoy it. Taiji talks to Dadi about Aaliya’s wedding. To which Abhi coughs and Pragya gets up concerned. Dadi asks what happened? Abhi told someone’s bad eye was on me. Payal cried and hugged Ronnie. Ronnie thought if he was seeing a dream?

Payal said she is sad and thinks she made a mistake by woking here. She told she had many responsibilities and asks how will she get her mom treated. Ronnie said I will lend you money. Payal said I can’t have money from you. Ronnie gave her 1000 Rs. Payal says she needs 5000 Rs. Ronnie gave her 5000+. Payal said how you will manage now? Ronnie said it is your boss’s money. Payal gave him 10 Rs. and said him to drink tea. Abhi arrives and Payal gave him money. Abhi said good, I have got more money. Ronnie told Pragya that Payal has looted him. Abhi and Pragya quarrel. Pragya says her mad, and said whoever works for free is a mad. She said you are a fool and I made you one. They argue and begin fighting. Payal asked him to leave her or else she would file a case. Pragya said she will cut your pocket money. Abhi says I throw you out of this house. Ronnie told Payal that he will compromise with her.

Bulbul knocked the washroom and asked Mama ji to come out. Mama ji came and told her that he had a bad stomach. Dadi came and Bulbul told Dadi that Mama ji had upset stomach. They become tensed. Bulbul asked Dadi to sit and attend Purab’s phone call. She told he is busy. Purab asked where are you? Bulbul said she will meet him tomorrow and disconnects the call. Purab talks to himself that what to do now. He now got Abhi’s call. Abhi said we will have a party. He said he managed to get some money from Pragya and asked him to meet.

Purab called Bulbul once again and said he is going to attend a party asks her not to call him. Bulbul said okay and hungs the call. Pragya thought Dadi and Bulbul might be waiting for her. And Abhi comes out of washroom. Pragya saw him and asked why didn’t she hear any noise. Abhi said he is going out. Pragya said it is good as she had some important work to do. Abhi said he is a superstar, rockstar Abhi, and asks her to work on Yoga. He sprayed something on her and said he is going so she shall enjoy.

Abhi saw Aaliya rushing in a hurry. Aaliya told her car tyre is punctured and she had to go somewhere urgent. Pragya heard her and Abhi offers a ride for Aaliya. While in car, Pragya asked Abhi to drive fast. Abhi argues with her. Aaliya showed the way and told about the hotel. Pragya thinks Aaliya is needed to go by the evening, then why she is going now. She thought Aaliya might actually be cross checking the place. Pragya wonders what should be done.


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