Kick 2 Review Rating : Ravi Teja's comfort will give you more kick


Kick 2 Review and Rating: Mass Maharaja is back with a bang. Kick 2 is out and people are rushing to watch Ravi Teja’s comfort in theaters. Most of the screens are full, no wonder Ravi Teja’s fan following is huge too. Kick was a huge hit and all eyes are set on Kick 2. The audiences are loving their star’s new look and the trailer has shown that Kick 2 is going to be big. So fans are warming up for the first show. So folks, Before you rush to the theaters, take a look at the Kick 2 review rating and also go through the plot.

Kick 2 is going to release on 21st, this Friday in all the theaters over North India and South India, Screening of Kick 2 will be obviously higher than any other movie which is going to release in South India, while in north India; Manjhi will be on dominating place.

Kick 2 Movie Story Line

If you have seen the trailer by now, then you would have got some idea on what the story line is. Don’t you. If you haven’t watched it yet, watch it here. We will also giving you short info about the plot of this new Telugu film.

Kick 2 story mainly revolves around Rakul Preet Singh, the female lead of the film. Ravi Teja who is actually the son of Kick’s protagonist returns to get his comfort and he falls in love for Rakul. The first half will be hilarious and the real story begins in the second half.

The plot is worth reading and the film is just too good to watch. Don’t you miss this weekend? Ravi Teja and Rakul Preet’s action packed comedy entertainer will just blow you away. So watch it, folks.

Kick 2 Movie Review

Surender Reddy’s sequel film, Kick 2 is the talk of the town at the moment with so many good reviews about the film. Of course, the film’s a hit and the director has once shown his trademark with this one too. The audience liked Kick and they just fade away with Kick 2. It is on a new level.

The old class Ravi Teja and Brahman am will make the first half purely laughter riot and you will know it too. The first half is solely dedicated to Ravi Teja. S.Thaman’s music is good and the BGM has worked out fine too. Most of the music lovers shared a positive response o the music and this can also be one of the factors which have driven this film out of the mark.

Kick 2 Movie Review

The second half becomes crucial with Rakul Preet Singh. The antagonist of the film kidnaps Rakul and this is where Ravi Teja challenges him face head on rather than fighting like a chicken. Just like the good old times, Hero thrashes Villain and the it’s a happy ending.

The highlights of the film include Ravi Teja-Brahmanandam’s comedic scenes, Rakul’s glam show, and the evil Ravi Kishan. Looks like the Race Gurram fame has turned the tables for Ravi Kishan. Even in this flick too, Ravi Kishan played an amazing role. A good here needs a strong villain and he was apt for the role.

Coming to the star performances, Ravi Teja steals the show. He has also cut down his weight and he looks good now. But the audience wants their star to get back to his old self. Let’s wait and see what Ravi Teja does for his fans.

On the whole, Kick 2’s COMFORT is something which will definitely boost you and give you enough kick. So just book your tickets and make sure you watch it this weekend.

Kick 2 Movie Rating and Short Review

The sequel movie has proved wrong to all of those who were thinking that sequel’s don’t well go in Tollywood. Kick 2 stands out as an exception with this success. Public response and critic reviews revealed everything. We would be rating 3.5/5 stars for the message it has left for us..

Share your views and stay tuned for box office report.

Movie Name: Kick 2

Directed by : Surender Reddy

Actor and Actress: Ravi Teja and Rakul Preet Singh

Kick 2 Review Rating : 3/5 Stars, 60% Positive Rating


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