Ki & Ka Official Trailer Review


Ki & Ka Official Trailer Review

KI & KA  the most awaiting  R Balki’s  movie featuring Kareena kapoor khan and Arjun Kapoor,”He is the wife and She is the Husband ”  the concept of the movie is based on gender equality,the movie shows Kareena Kapoor is the man of the house,She is an ambitious lady she is a Creative Marketing Manager  the other side Arjun is the house hold husband of the house he has least interest  in the job and his career and ends up as a house hold husband.

Inspite of the difference in their mindsets the odd pair falls in love with each other.

The movie is to be released on April 1st 2016,The movie comes with the concept of Gender Equality. Arjun Kapoor  and Kareena Kapoor  shares a amazing chemistry onscreen,Arjun has a crush on the beauty Kareena Kapoor he was very excited for the movie,kareena read the script and was impressed by the concept and signed the movie.

” We usually don’t discuss scripts. When Balki sir messaged me I was very excited about it …I respect him as filmmaker. I told Saif that Balki is going to narrate a script to me. That time the conversation ended there,” she said

Ki & Ka Official Trailer Review

Husband Saif Ali Khan is very impressed and said He is proud of Kareena for doing such movies,Saif had watched the trailer and Promo of the movie before anyone else could watch it “This is the Best Promo I am proud of you for doing such movies” karena said.He even praised Arjun messaged him.”It meant a lot to me as this genre (romantic-comedy) he has done well. If an actor like him gives you that respect you feel you are in the right direction,” said Arjun.

The movie shows different scenarios the typical drama of parents for the marriage,kareena ties mangalsutra  to Arjun s neck in the wedding and  she would be working for late hours while at home Arjun removes her shoes and feeds food,these movie is a romantic comedy with a social message for the people,Its the bold movies of Kreena Kapoor as she breaks her No Kissing on screen rule for Arjun and turns out the most awating movie for Kareena Kapoor fans.Watch the Official trailer here.


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