Guru Randhawa Video Song ‘lahore’ is all about being smitten in love


lahore Video Song Guru Randhawa is all about being smitten in love:

lahore song guru randhawa

Punjabi singing sensation Guru Randhawa is ready to open with your latest solo ‘Lahore’ which was released on December 13, 2017. Randhawa’s lyrical tribute to cities like Lahore, Punjab, Delhi, Mumbai, is also global with London. Guru Randhawa wrote and sung the song herself, starts with her mother to see a picture of the girl to check for a whit speed.

Still grab the screen through YouTubeStill from Guru Randhawa’s latest song ‘Lahore’, Guru Randhawa’s latest song ‘Lahore’ through YouTube Stile. Then a swaggy dance starts on the DJ floor in a random desert. Guru Randhawa has been suitably designed for her work, which looks like a golden blazer, burst-black jeans and definitely sunglasses. And then, in the form of fate and love it will happen, in the end he finds the girl of his dreams.

In an interview to IANS, Guru Randhawa said about Lahore, “This is a girl about whom I have mentioned from different places like Lahore, Delhi, Mumbai or London. I compared them to the beauty of Lahore, Mumbai The trick, London’s weather and so on. The sound of the song is tangled. ”

On the idea of ​​the song, he said: “We were traveling with a car when the song and the green came to my mind. It basically describes the beauty of a girl and it compares the different places of the world.”

Guru Randhawa, in recent times, Punjabi pop music has become a mainstream, has succeeded in creating a place of its own. With Vidya Balan’s latest release, Randhawa’s latest song ‘Ban Ja Rani’ has grown in the popularity chart and has so far gained popularity with more than 10 million views. Returned to their new songs from Lahore. No, this song is not about the Pakistani city

The matter is that our boy has a garbage that the girl he is watching is from Lahore. But then he is confused. At the same time, she also thinks that the grand lady can well be from Delhi, Mumbai or London for that matter. In a way, it is their song lyrics for these popular cities

This song begins with Guru Randhawa, whose mother has said that she sees the picture of a girl on her whitspeap. But more than that picture in the phone, our boy is interested in the right in front of his eyes. A surprising looking girl comes in front of her black luxury car and our boy is forced to reduce the window, stick to his head and check it out!

Some of the Guru’s lessons sing in his car and follow a stylish girl walking. Then we can sing a singer on a DJ floor that wears bright clothes. Of course, as soon as the song progresses, the smile on the girl’s face before she finally joins in her car and guess what? The phone is full of photos and is damn, this is the girl who is sitting with her now.

Guru Randhawa (born 30 August 1991) is a singer and songwriter from Gurdaspur, India. Guru Randhwa is known for high rated gabroos, suits, yar mod two, Patola and fashion etc. He sang in the opening ceremony of the IPL. He recently started his Bollywood singing through Hindi medium. Sung (suit suit) with Kaunika Kapoor in T-Series Mixtape.

He released his first album, Page One and his singing first rod. Randhawa is also a very popular songwriter, his first writing song, some famous songs like “Baan Ja Rani, Laddi Thai Thai, Suit Suit, AK 47, Patelola, Fashion, Cot, Outfitt, Stars, I Lick You” and “Sim Girl Guru Randhawa” Southall “etc.

Guru Randhawa, aged 26 years old, is unmarried and is not dating anyone. He completed Masters in Business Administration from IIPM, New Delhi. That is the religion and religion of the horoscope / Sun sign Virgo.


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