Gangs Of Wasseypur 3 : All You Need To Know


Zeishan Quadri, the man behind the two hit series, Gangs Of Wasseypur is back to the basics. Yeah you heard i right. He’s back to scripting the third installment of Gangs Of Wasseypur. Zeishan’s mentor is pretty much pleased with this young man’s directorial debut film, Meeruthiya Gangsters. Anurag Kashyap was invited for the music launch of this film and Anurag confirmed that, he wants Zeishan to quickly start off his work on Gangs of Wasseypur 3.


Take a look at what Zeishan said at the audio launch of Meeruthiya Gangsters in his own words, “Now Anurag, my mentor is after me to write Wasseypur 3 and also told me to direct it. So I’ve given it a thought and have started writing the script for Wasseypur 3″. Zeishan was on cloud 9 as soon as he heard this great news uttered by his master. Looks like Anurag is elated with Zeishan’s directorial debut performance and wants this guy to direct the Gangs of Wasseypur 3 too. Zeishan nodded yes to the project ad has already started his script work.

Everyone knew that Gangs of Wasseypur first two parts were hits and got good reviews. Critics too loved it and the film also managed to do good business at the box office. Though this film was an ambush, the audience warmly welcomed it. So with this thrid part news, not only the star cast but also all the film’s fans are also on high tide enjoying the news. Let’s hope the film gets on sets and gets released at the earliest.

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