First Monday Box Office Collection: Manjhi, All is Well get back to normal


Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Manjhi: The Mountain Man movie and Abhishek Bachchan’s All is Well movie first Monday Box office report is out. Manjhi and All is Well, both got good talks and reviews and from critics and movie lovers, but the film is loosing collections. Both the films are not able to fare well at the box office. What do you think might be the reason? Well, I think the cast of the films. Don’t you think so? Though All is Well movie somehow managed to cross the 10 crore mark, Manjhi is still suffering to reach that mark. It might be hard to hear, but it’s a fact that good films with not a huge star cast will suffer at Box office.

First Monday Box Office Collection: Manjhi, All is Well get back to normal

Coming to the 4th day or you can say the first Monday Box Office Collection, All is Well has turned out to be a winner when compared the Nawaz’s Manjhi. Sunday was a holiday and the collections were the highest, but whereas Monday is a working day, there was a steep flow in the earning report. Take a look at the box office report of both the film down below.

As per the makers, #AllIsWell movie’s Friday collections were 2.90 crore and on Saturday, it was about 3.98 crore. Sunday and Monday’s collections were 5.03 crore and 2.10 crore respectively.  On the whole the total box office collections of All is well is about 14.01 crores. Coming to the #ManjhiTheMountainMan, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday’s Collections were 1.40 crore, 2.35 crore, 2.70 crore, 1.10 crore respectively. The total box office collections of Manjhi is about 7.55 crores. That concludes the earning report of these newly released Hindi movies. Let’s hope they reach their expected collections very shortly.

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