ETV Gets Jabardasth Comedy Show New Anchor Syamala For Upcoming Episodes


Jabardasth Comedy Show New Anchor:Popular TV show Jabardasth is known for its entertainment. This comedy show has became a favourite for many. Anchor Rashmi is one of the major attractions to this show, apart from Nagababu and Roja.This show became a platform for actors to showcase their talent skills and it has given a chance to get offers in movies. Jabardasth gang is receiving huge popularity and they got huge applause for their performance.


Jabardasth anchor ‘Anasuya’ received recognition with this show and she gained big movie offers. After Anasuya, Rashmi Gautam replaced her and she too gained a huge fame.

Jabardasth Comedy Show New Anchor Syamala:

Shakalaka Shankar and Dhanraj are live examples for that. Apart from the comedy skits that are performed by the actors, one more thing Jabardasth is famous is the beautiful anchors who host the show.

It all started from February 7th 2013, Anasuya Bharadwaj started her career as anchor and Jabardasth took her to the next level, she is now hosting many shows in different channels. After her, Reshmi hosted for Jabardasth and she is also a busy girl now. Now Jabardasth team is roping another girl to entertain audience. She is none other than “Syamala”. If sources are to be believed, Syamala will be seen on Jabardasth sets.


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