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Ghayal Once Again Movie Review:Ghayal Once Again finally hits the screens tomorrow. The film has been in news for over five years, ever since Sunny Deol expressed his desire to make it. Number of directors were considered, various scripts were deliberated and even a teaser was rolled out many years ago. However, eventually Sunny decided to direct the film himself. He spent good time in putting it together to give it a polished look and ensured that the end product wasn’t hurried. In fact, the release date too saw some juggling before it was finalized for 5th February.So Before Going To Movie Check Out Ghayal Once Again Movie Review Rating.

Ghayal Once Again Movie Review,

Ghayal Once Again Movie Review & Story Plot

The story deals with four young students from the prestigious college based in Bombay. They lead a carefree and simple life busy enjoying their lives making things light. Amidst all, the group of four encounters a towering and powerful man from the society – Raj Bansal played by Narendra Jha making them the victim out of his power and ego when they incidentally records a murder carried out by powerful man’s group . Ajay Mehra played by Sunny Deol who is out after serving his life sentence starts his newspaper Satyakam. Soon, he earns a good fan flowing among the youth including these four fiends. The editor comes to their rescue liberating them the influence of this powerful man who is being supported by his senior. The film is a war waged against the evil and the powerful and way out to this. The film has loads of action since it’s a war between good and the evil.

The film is releasing with good positivism, something which is very important in the current times. There are no controversies or bad media around the film and Sunny Deol’s goodwill has ensured that it is seeing a clean arrival in theaters. One just wishes though that the overall marketing and promotion was a little better laid out so that the hype would have been a lot more by now.

For a film which is a sequel to a much loved action entertainer, the buzz has been good, though it could well have been excellent by now. As a matter of fact, it could well have gained an event release status.

Ghayal Once Again Hindi Movie Rating

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