Salman Khan Warn The People Whom Misusing His Picks


Salman Khan took to Twitter Wednesday morning to aware the fans against the existence of a fake Facebook page in his name.

Salman Khan has warned his fans about a fake Facebook account operating in his name, which claims that the superstar is casting for his new project. The 49-year-old actor took to twitter to dismiss the false social media account.

Salman Khan Warn The People Whom Misusing His Picks :

The Bajrangi Bhaijaan star is also miffed with people who click pictures with him and later end up misusing them.

“Some people click pics with me and then misuse them. This is not okay,” he wrote.

“A fake Facebook page claims that I am casting for a film. Beware of fakes and rumours. Neither me nor my managers are casting for any project,” Salman posted.


salman is gearing up for his return as the host of the ninth season of the reality show Bigg Boss, which will air from October 11.


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