Manjhi – The Mountain Man Review Rating : Nerve-racking, sentimental and thrilling


Manjhi: The Mountain Man Review and Rating: At last the most awaited biographical movie of 2015 is going out to inspire us. Yeah, the most talented actor of Bollywood, Nawazuddin Siddiqui is back again as Dashrath Manjhi, who goes by the name, The Mountain Man. If you have seen the posters of this new Hindi movie, then you must be intrigued with the genre of the flick. Most of us, just like me were excited to watch this movie since the beginning. Finally, it’s here for us. So folks, Before you rush to the theaters to watch the film, take a look at the Manjhi: The Mountain Man review rating and also go through the plot.

Manjhi is going to release on 21st, This Friday on theaters.

Manjhi: The Mountain Man Movie Story Line

The title itself reveals quite a lot of the story. Dashrath Manjhi, a native of Bihar who cut through a path in a mountain with only hammer and chisel. Yes, it the story of this remarkable man who just showed us, nothing in this life is impossible and also has given a strong message too. His role is being played by the Bajrangi Bhaijaan famed star and looks like he got it right. If you are looking for some inspirational story, then here’s the one. Take your kids, book you tickets and enjoy the show. Your kids will also learn a lot from this new Hindi movie. So watch it before steam turns into a liquid.

In the start, the movie focusses on the situation of Bonded Labour in India, even after independence the basic facilities has not reached there. Manjhi is the minor son of Bonded Labour whose mother make him run far away to save him from getting trapped in the situation. When Manjhi returns to his village he was grown up and got in love with Radhika Apte, Later his wife died because of falling from mountain.

Manjhi decided to kill the mountain and make a way in between so that no other will loose his/her spouse. Unfortunately, he got ripped off from various govt and govt babus.  The story focusses on how a single man has built the road between the mountain in memory of his wife.

[Manjhi Review] Manjhi: The Mountain Man Movie Review

The director saved a ton of his effort by picking the highly talented Nawazuddin Siddiqui for the main role. Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Dashrath Manjhi and Radhika Apte as his wife did turn the flow of the movie. For all those who all looking for a commercial film this weekend, then we suggest you that Manjhi isn’t for you. But give it a try and you will like for sure.

manjhi movie review

Yesterday one of our staff members, luckily got a ticket for the special screening of Manjhi had shared his views about the movie. Even Delhi C.M Arvind Kejriwal to share his views as soon as watching the movie. Our staff member said that “Manjhi isn’t a regular film, but is a must watch to this generation, who only believe in miracles. The message given to us is quite strong and Nawazuddin did a great role in this film too”. On the other hand, C.M said that the film is just superb. You can take a look at what he said too down below.

Well, as far as reviews are concerned, Manjhi: The Mountain Man has turned to be the winner. We will see a lot of positive reviews about the film and Brothers will have a tough time reaching the 100 crore club. Don’t you think so?

Even Bihar government decided to waive off taxes for this film. They said it’s just a way to honor our Mountain Man. With C.M suggesting all the youth to watch the film, I hope everyone will surely turn out to watch the film in this week itself.

Coming to the star performances, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, of course, nailed it. Radhika Apte did an amazing job and also Tigamanshu Dhulia, Pankaj Tripathi, and Gaurav Dwivedi excelled with their performances. Kudos to Ketan Mehta for giving us such a much-needed motivation.

Since we are sharing review a bit early, we will also be uploading what all Bollywood Celebrities say about out Mountain Man. So just stay tuned for the quickest updates. Also don’t miss out the box office reports of newly released flicks.

On the whole, Manjhi: The Mountain Man had won over the audience and you will love it too. So folks, just book your seats and get inspired by a guy who just made a path for us through the rocky mountains.

Manjhi: The Mountain Man Movie Rating and Short Review

Manjhi movie is ahead to launch, earlier the movie was leaked on the internet. But it would only increase the worth of the movie and it seems that the movie is going to get an extraordinary response. The story of the man who has built a path in remembrance of his wife. We would be rating 4/5 stars for the message it has left for us..

Share your views and stay tuned for box office report.



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