Bigg Boss 11 – Starting date, News, Rumors, Registration and Updates


Reality shows have never disappointed unless the scripts are involved in it. One of the favorite show, which has been around for a decade is all over the world is Bigg Boss, which is known for the most Real Show, one can experience. Bigg boss 11 has been in talks lately

Bigg Boss India has selected many hosts in the past, but they have stuck with one host, and his name is none but Salman Khan, who receives a massive pay cheque each week. Salman has been the face of the show ever since he has agreed to work for the Colors channel.

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Bigg Boss 11 – Rules, Registration, and Rumors

Many contestants have come and gone, but the Rumors developed under Salman reign has been controversial. Bigg Boss has finally decided to get rid of the rule to have only “Celebrities” on the show.

Back in 2015, Bigg Boss has waved goodbye to the old rules, and they started to take in the Indian citizens along with the celebrities, which has been the best or the worst decision they have ever made.

Bigg Boss 11 or Bigg Boss 2017 has opened up the registration process for regular citizens to get a chance to be the Bigg Boss 2017.

#1 – Rules

  1. Bigg Boss Contestant must reveal their Criminal background and Active cases.
  2. Those who try to leave the show mid-way will have to pay a huge penalty.
  3. Contestants cannot demand to edit of the episodes.
  4. Bigg Boss does not allow any participant to meet other members before the show.
  5. Bigg Boss books the contestants for 150 days.
  6. Each participant gets a weekly payment based on Elimination round.
  7. Physical Violence is strictly prohibited.
  8. Celebrity or Common man, Bigg Boss, treats everyone equally.
  9. Any house member breaks the rule will be penalized.

These are the few rules, which will be reviewed by every contestant before signing the contract.

#2 – Registration Process

The registration process has opened, and you will be called for an Audition if you get shortlisted.

Step 1: Go to the Official Website.

Step 2: You have to fill in all the blanks.

  • Your name, Email, Address (Full address), City, State, Height, Gender, Weight, DOB, and Social profiles.

Step 3: You have to describe, why you want to be in the show in 100 words. Remember, think as per the Bigg Boss perceptive to get the best answer.

Step 4: You have to make an entertaining video of yourself (Talking Skills, Accent, Personality, Looks, and more ), all they want to know you better.

Step 5: Remember, they will Call you, Send an email for the Audition, so do not fall for any frauds.

Then submit.

#3 – Rumors

Bigg Boss 10 has been controversial enough that the Channel almost shut down the show because of that they will be doing better Background Checks and Auditioning everyone. There’s also a rumor that Salman will talk to each contestant before selecting them.

There’s also a rumor that Salman will speak to each candidate before selecting them to ensure he should not come to the point to quit the show.

What’s New?

Bigg Boss 11 will be far better than the previous one because the creative team has plans to more than just reality show. Let us know your opinions in the comment section below.


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