Bigg Boss 11 – 16 December 2017 Day 77: Weekend ka War


Bigg Boss 11 – 17 December 2017 Day 77 Weekend ka War:


Salman welcomes everyone on the show Salman says that the show can be very good, the prisoners can be very entertaining, but unless you show interest, people do not get the rating, so the interest Take it and make it successfully and thanks for our inmates who are giving enough to keep your interest, I do not share this with them because they are lazy. Salman says that love, Priyank, Shilpa and Hiten are nominated this week.

Salman joins the house to call, he congratulates everyone and says that all are looking good, prisoners thanked him. Salman says that the weather is different, you have seen other seasons. Salman says that Hina is a fan of Big Boss, what’s different this time? Hina says that everyone is competitive. Vikash says that no one is playing with emotions, people

Use their brains here, Love is also playing. Salman says in the previous season, he can reach mutual decision after the fight, but now there is no mutual decision, the captaincy is important and you are not just the captain, even the Vikash has failed at the moment. Vikas says that he does not want to win others, Shilpa decides to step back but still he does not mutually decide, Salman says that who is most responsible for this? Vikas says that its Arshi and Love Love say that Arshi did not want to shake. Arshi says that I used to work in the work, you said that I got the captaincy free fund so I worked and asked for captaincy. Salman says that many weeks gone, why did not you name Pune? Vikas says that we could also tell the name of Pune but it was not mutually decided, it did not happen.

Salman says that this week there were no captains, one will be punished, and you do not keep it in mind? Shilpa says that Arshi said that if she is not the captain then no one. Poonesh says that he wants to drown but also with everyone else. Salman says, but if it is invalid, then say that he does not let anyone else captain. Vikash says that only one person is not unjust. Arshi says that they blame me for nothing. Vikal says that one person was not alone unjust, if Arshi was saying that she wanted to go, Love was saying that she wants to go too. Salman says that Lu, Vikas, Arshi have become the captain, so Shilpa remains. Vikas says that we took his name first. Shilpa says that when he took my name and said that Shilpa and Arshi were chosen, even then, Arshi did not agree, love me and Arshi’s name was fine but she was not too old, she said she would not be able to name my name and I am the worst actor. Arshi says I do not say that she is lying. Arshi says I had said that he could not work on the first day in work but on the second day he worked well.

Salman Arshi says that you had worked in earlier work and now you are giving a speech on it. Arshi says that it is time to fight, I can leave it, I have the right to fight for captaincy. Salman says that you were asking for not to make Vikash as Shilpa’s captain, think about the game, Your plan was Arashi, we have to say that we need to stay close to the people. Salman says that while you were talking about the game, Shilpa had a good relationship with Vikas and Shilpa, now it was used to fight and everybody tried to retreat so much that when they resolved things If you were not fighting and you did not fight then you thought that you will go against Shilpa and now you will take the place of Vikash. Arshi says against Shilpa that it is not so. Salman says that many times we started fighting with Shilpa, but there was no reason, if Shilpa became captain then you will be so jealous that you will drink poison, Shilpa was never a captain, Arshi says that you Are you insulted Salman says that there is a heart for it? Shilpa says that Arshi says that I do not answer her, I do not want to fight with her. Salman says that if one Saturday does not talk about Shilpa and Arshi then everything will be fine, we will talk about this topic Will not talk in, you will not take much footage. Arshi says that Shilpa also received footage. Salman is saying to Shilpa that Vikas asked you to make the captain of Pune, but you did not say yes.

Shilpa says that Arshi would have said that I do not want to be a captain. Arshi says that this woman is lying, Salman says that this shameless woman is lying, you can say that too. Arshi says that if I insulted, I am ashamed, Shilpa is good. Salman says that people are watching Salman hina thinks Hina says that we were trying to make mutual decisions. Punish says why they do not ask me. Salman says that I want to say that this is happening in the 11th week, neither knows what will happen at the end. Salman says that we give you the opportunity to blame other prisoners, everyone has written but did not develop. Vikash says that the week was negative. Salman says that you spit the fire, we have seen everything, if you do not write then we should get what you said, we have to do Vikash.


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