Big Boss 11 December 8 Full Episode Written Update


Big Boss 11 December 8 Full Episode :Last night Bigg Boss missed in episode 11? Read all the highlights from the latest episodes of India’s Most Controversial Reality Show broadcast on Colors.

Big Boss 11 starts with the voice of mother of Vikas. Hina and Vikas are excited to hear her voice. Big Boss ordered everyone to stand up and come to the mother of Vikas. They both weep, the mother of Vikas says that she is proud of her. The Big Boss dislikes her as she says her life is Vikas. Apologized to his mother not to give time for Vikas. The mother of Vikas goes to Priyanka. Priyanka cries and apologized for her.

Vikas introduced his mother to everyone. Big Boss’s order Vikas will still stand. Vikas’s mother suggested Vikas with Arshi. Hina crys and remembers her mother. Arshi says that she is afraid of Gauri. Priyanka cries. Akash says that he will not play this task. Growth gets hyper and asks him to join his team and leave Hina. Priyanka apologized to Hina and said that she is just a good friend. Hina gets upset with this and says that she is not like other girls in her life.

Big Boss 11 December 8 - Vikas Mother Intor

Big Boss 11 December 8 Full Episode !!

Priyanka watches the mother of the Aakas on TV. The Aakas runs and says it is his mother. The Big Boss ordered everyone to stand up to the mother of the Aakas and said the Aakas is not crying. The mother of Akash tells Archi that she loves him and everybody likes him at night. The Big Boss unifies the Aakas and presents his mother with everyone. Akash told his mother that he wants a girlfriend like Hina.

The Big Boss dislikes everyone, the mother of the Aakas sings the rap of the Aakas with the households. However, Hina is singing, her boyfriend Rocky is coming. Big Boss ordered everyone to stand up. Rocky Hughes Hina and say that she is playing well. Hina starts crying Big Boss unleashes Hina, Hina breaks down and says she wants to go.

Hina introduces Rocky to everyone, Rocky says to Vikas that she is a great player. If Hina and Vikas make their team, then they will go to the end of the show. Rocky says to Priyanka and Love that everyone is enjoying their friendship outside the house. Big Boss released everyone, Ricky asks him for some time with Hina. Love’s proposal with Rocky a fictional ring. The Big Boss tells Rocky to leave the house and orders Hina to stand still. She starts crying and asks Big Boss to unfold her because she has to give something for Rocky. Rooky left home and Big Boss released her.

Big Boss 11 December 8 Full Episode :Heena walks behind her and “I love you”. Shilpa makes fun of Hina and acts like Hina. Arshi says that she did not feel like crying after seeing her father. Like Hina, Shilpa weeps and falls on the ground to make Hina a joke. Big Boss ordered everyone to stand, Luv’s father comes and hugs him. Big Boss Meets Love Love’s father laughs at seeing the hair of Love. Love’s father is called Vikas the real person in the house and says that he understands well. Hina says that she likes how the father of Love gives her blessings. Hitane walks in the garden while waiting for his family. Gauri comes and Aakas heats the Hiten. Gauri embraces Punish and Shilpa in singing and says that they are doing well. Gauri sings Hiten and the show ends. This is all about the Big Boss 11 December 8 Full Episode.


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