Big Boss 11 14th December Day 74 Full Episode Overview


Big Boss 11 14th December Day 74 Full Episode Overview: 

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The epic of Big Boss 11 begins tonight, this song begins with the awakening contestants for the emotional love song, Dev D. Akash Dadlani tells every person that the craft always has to say something when Vikas Gupta comes to discuss with others. Shilpa reminded him that he had told him last night that he wants to make a good example in front of the country, and he is not doing good by using this language. Vikas and Akash are discussing what has been said during the first phase of ongoing luxury budget work. The Akash tells him that he has lost whatever respect he has earned. Vikash tells him that he still likes him and embraces him again he comes in a logic, and Poonesh Sharma says that after coming out of the Akash the Akash will burn the effigy of Vikash. Vikash runs and tells them that she is not fighting with her because she is “women”. Akash makes fun of Vikash problems

HitenTejwani and Priyanka Sharma are in the area of ​​toilets because Hina is bathing in the bathroom. They laugh out and make fun of him. Priyanka later comes to the camera and says that whatever she says during the work is a mix of truth and lies and it is only for fun

The second phase of the work begins and Vikash, love, Arshi and Shilpa are robots. The first emotion is anger Hina targets Vikash and not only tells her, but everyone is doing it inside the house for the camera. Priyanka also tells him that he should not be taught the meaning of friendship. He says that Vikas’s brother is also his brother and his mother is his mother, but he has realized that both of them are different from him. He disclosed that BenifaasSunnavala came up to her and Vikas suggested to make a love triangle with Priyanka.

They both go to Love and Priyanka, they tell them that Priyanka had abused her when she should not have felt normal, because she usually discusses abuse. He makes fun of dance skills of love

To Arshi, she is called Akash and Priyanka that they are going to stand in the pool just to do some work, they are going to the pool, making fun of Arshi, how she always follows the orders of Vikash. Hina tells Vikas that her friend, Karan Patel, who entered the house for a while, told Hina that she gave the response two times. She tells them that there was twice in two and a half months and three months. He challenges to stay at home for 24 hours

Priyanka later told Hina that Benfasha told Vikash, that was not true. Hina asks why she did this, and she asked for the game.

The next feeling is crying. Priyanka tells Vikash that she is the one who gave her advice and made her family. Although Vikas had initially dismissed him, but due to his he is here.

Priyanka wears a bikini and Hiten cloth as a woman because she knows that the next feeling is ‘laugh’, the first is the Akash, which tries to laugh at orange spreading on her chest, but fails Because they find it disgusting. Hiten and Priyanka also try to laugh at them, but they also fail, because they do not respond to their feelings and do not show a mask. As an alarm ring, the Vikash goes to the hit and says that he was really good and that he was proud of them. Vikas, Arshi and Shilpa say that the Akash crossed all the boundaries and she was very obscene and Hina should have stopped her.

Hiten says this to Hina and says that he should not have sent the Akash for the first time. The next emotion ‘anger’ is again Hiton tries to make them angry, but fails. Hina goes up to Love and asks why she gets annoyed with the little things.

The task ends, tell the score to Punish, who is the operator of the task. He announced that Love, Vikas, Arshi and Shilpa have won the job. Love Hina tells that Priyanka got zero water during the work and got a little water. Hina understands her and says that she is a big man.

Hiten tells the Akash that by spreading the orange they made it disgusting. But he tells them that whatever he did, he got approval from his team members.


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