Best Movies of All Time


Best Movies of All Time : In 1895, Auguste and Louis Lumière projected moving images onto a screen, using a cinematograph machine. Since then, the general population of the world was attracted to cinematography in all its stages. It is only natural that the movie-making process has come a great way, evolving through the ages and incorporating every bit of technological advancement, either on camera or behind it. From 50 second-reels to special effects and CGI (Computer Generated Image), the road of the cinematographic industry divided into many genres and sub-genres.

Best Movies of All Time

There are great movies for everybody out there, regardless of background or taste. But from the mists of it all, some masterpieces have emerged that stood the test of time. Some pieces of cinematographic art are regarded in public opinion as timeless and are a must-watch on every cinephile’s list. Of course, countdown and a top organization is futile, as the answer to the question “witch one is better” is entirely subjective. This is a list of great movies, the order will remain up to you once you see the all.

The Godfather

The movie was first seen on the big screen in 1972 and was directed by Francis Ford Coppola. It has a running time of 175 minutes and the scores are through the roof: stacker score and metascore of 100, and 9.2 IMDb user rating. This movies sees the mafia from the inside. But the closed perspective from which it is presented makes up sympathetic to the main character. The professional criminal and the organized crime system we see does not have civilian victims and the community is somehow protected by it. The Godfather has elements of violence, suspense and drama and it will keep you engaged throughout the entire movie. The second part, from 1974, deserves a spot on every movie list, so be sure to watch that as well.



In 1995, Robert De Niro was seen on the big screen, alongside Joe Pesci and Sharon Stone. The plot hits the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas. A mafia associate is running a casino in Las Vegas but the things do not go as easily as desired when his partner and love interest start interfering. It has 178 minutes of running time and every second of that gives you the atmosphere of beautiful Vegas. You may not be able to hit the town very soon, but you can see why the casinos are so loved by trying out the best online casino in India.


For some people, the black and white 1942 version is not easy to watch, as we are used to better quality of the images on our screen. But this masterpiece is worth all the hustle and your patience. The action is taking place in Casablanca, a Moroccan town and it revolves around a nightclub owner. He helps refugees evade Nazi capture and sail to America. But of course that things can go as smoothly as the ship sail to the Land of freedom. So when a former love interest enters the scene, things get a little complicated. It’s 102 minutes long and hold a 8.2 rating on IMDb. With a lot of praise and a lot of critics during the time since it was released, Casablanca remains a masterwork.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

In 2003, the last installment of a great trilogy finally hit the big screens. The other two movies are undeniably good, but The return of the King crowns it all. Peter Jackson adapted the novel written by J. R. R. Tolkien and gave us an epic fantasy story. It has 201 minutes, but the die-hard fans will tell you to watch the extended cut, with 252 minutes running time. After an epic journey, Frodo finally completes his task while the fate of Middle earth is decided in an unforgettable battle between the forces of good and evil. It won 11 Academy Awards out of 11 nominations, obtaining the highest perfect score in Oscar history. The full experience is impossible to obtain without watching the whole trilogy. The other two movies, The Fellowship of The Ring and The Two Towers and also award-winning masterpieces.

Schindler’s List

In 1993, director Steven Spielberg shed some light onto the true story of Oskar Schindler. He was a German industrialist that managed to save over 1000 people from the Holocaust. The director refused to take any salary when making this movie and donated the profits to charity. This award winning drama caught everybody by surprise with the weight of the problems it portraits. Nevertheless, with a running time of 195 minutes and a score of IMDb of 8.9, this was a story that needed to be told and that needs to be watched for generations to come.


Toy Story

On a more fun note, in 1995, director John Lasseter opened up the public’s appetite for animations with Toy Story. It’s a light, fun and enjoyable movie for all family. The plot focuses on a group of toys that come alive when their owner isn’t watching. The characters are easy to love and Woody and Buzz Lightyear are many kids’ favorites. With a running time of 81 minutes and an IMDb score of 8.3, it is must-watch for kids and adults alike.

There are a lot of great movies out there on every genre and expanding your cinematic culture is a great way of spending your free time, either alone or with friends or family. They have come a great way since the beginnings of cinematography. Now we can use apps and see a movie on our phones, anywhere, anytime. This has created a big demand for images on screen and naturally, some are not as good as they should be.  Starting a marathon on classic best movies is a fool proof way to have a great time, while actually watching something worth watching and educating yourself in the process. Have fun!


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