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Bajirao Mastani Hindi Movie Review: Upcoming Hindi Movie Which is going to hit theaters on this Friday   Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone back together again for period film Bajirao Mastani, and even composed the entire soundtrack of 10 songs. ‘Deewani mastani’ is an epic number blending three musical styles and grand in scale. Siddharth-Garima wrote the song while Nasir Faraaz’s qawwali adorns it. Singer Ganesh Chandanshive delivers the Marathi verses, with Shreya Ghoshal taking on the leading vocals. So before going to movie check out Bajirao Mastani Hindi Movie Review Rating & First Day Collections 


Deewani mastani’ ends with a qawwali in the voices of Mujtaba Aziz Naza and Farhan Sabri. Aayat is a semi-classical film song-meets-ghazal-meets-qawwali. The voice of Arijit Singh suffuses the song while the qawwali parts are shared by three qawwals. ‘Malhari’ is a more contemporary celebratory number, with Vishal Dadlani getting throaty behind the mike.

Bajirao Mastani Hindi Movie Review & Story plot

The audience, I feel will be blown away by the scale, performances, songs. I think one viewing is not going to be enough. People will have to watch the film two or three times because there is so much happening in this film. There is action, there is drama and over and about that there is a strong conflict.

“Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra’s dance-off in ‘Pinga’ rooted in the Marathi tradition on the album Shreya and Vaishali perform just as well behind the mike. ‘Aaj ibaadat’ blends Hindu and Muslim devotional hymns, with Shashi and Shreyas delivering the Marathi lines Javed Bashir leading the Sufi chant. ‘Fitoori’ is a Marathi folk song written by Prashant Ingole with Vaishali Made and Ganesh Chandanshive giving the vocals like Marathas. Devotional number ‘Gajanana’ gives a makeover to a Ganesh aarti in the voice of Sukhwinder Singh.

“I can already imagine the reaction of people when they come out watching the film. There are going to be stunned and shocked. There will be so much take back, and they will think about the film for hours after having watched it.It will take time to realise that what has hit them. As an actor, this role was very inspiring for me. I was very inspired by their journey, strength and conviction in whatever they have done,” Deepika said.

Bajirao Mastani Hindi Movie Rating

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