Arya-Anushka Lip Lock in Size Zero Movie U/A From Censor Board Report


Arya-Anushka Lip Lock in Size Zero Movie: upcoming movie Size Zero Arya and Anushka as the star cast, is going to hit the screens on November 27th  She has put on weight to make the role look more real and now we are hearing that she will be seen doing some very intimate scenes in the film.Much to anyone’s shock the film got U/A certificate. That is leading to many doubts now.

Arya-Anushka Lip Lock in Size Zero Movie


As expected, people are now thinking if there is that hyped lip kiss between Anushka and her hero Arya. Otherwise why would the film get an U/A? There is a chance that Sonal Chauhan’s glamour would also fetch this certificate. Should we now believe that the kissing scene is indeed true? Or Sonal Chauhan’s scorching glamour should have won this certificate from the censors. Many feel that Anushka has locked lips than the glamour shed by Sonal.

Also we could put it this way. Some scenes are involving the first night of Anushka and Arya in the film, and maybe those conversations have turned little realistic for which the Board members would have felt that children should not listen to them. Wait for 27th, to find out.

This movie is releasing simultaneously in Tamil as well. Music given by MM Keeravani has already got a huge response. This movie is based on a different concept of weight loss and fans are expecting an innovative take by the director Prakash kovelamudi. Producer Potluri V Prasad produced this movie and Prakash’s wife gave story for the film. Makers are doing good promotions for the film.


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