Alia Bhatt Chemistry With Kapoor's


Talk of Alia bhatt and shaihd Kapoor about his upcoming movie “Shaandaar” which is going  to hit the screens on 22 oct 2015 directing by Vikas Bahl.

Alia bhatt started his carrier in  2012 with student of the year movie

And shaihd started his carrierin as actor in 2003 with “Ishq Vishk”

Then after both didn’t see back ..

And in 2014 both did action scope films

Alia haighway And shaihd  Hidher became blockbusters in 2014

Now with this crazy pair vikas bhal make a movie Shaandaar


Now alia speaks really really interesting words at promotional event for her forthcoming film for “Shaandaar”

Alia wanted to talk only about Shahid when she also working  opposite Shah Rukh Khan in a film .


Shaihd said my inspiration for “shaandaar” is alia

And the opportunity again came with “Udta Punjab”,and my sweet lovable actress kareena Kapoor is also there in film who is always best for me. Luckily in two consecutive films we are working together.

Truly , when we signed for this  film ,were Vikas’s ‘Queen’ hadn’t released, my ‘Haider’ shooting is going  on and Alia’s ‘Highway’ was about to release.

“Shaandaar”vs”2 States”

Posters showing onscreen chemistry between Shaihd kapoor and Alia bhatt.We all know 2 states movie become block buster because of on screen chemistry between Arjun kapoor and Alia bhatt.Alia maintaining good chemistry with his co-stars.posters of kapoor’s movies are similar.Fans awaited for the shaandaar to know the actual stuff. expecting to release on year end. Alia bhatt Chemistry with kapoor’s.Who is next on alia hit list the name coming on screen is non-other than Ranbir Kapoor(32) .Alia preferred  to work with 30 aged stars .once we go through the records of  Alia movies with siddharth malhotra(30) in “Student Of The Year”,With Arjun kapor(30) in ” 2States”, With Shahid Kapoor(34) in “shaandaar”, 




1401170120_12fe3cbe_2-states-poster-612x884                                                                        shaandaar


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