Action Packed Bruce Lee Telugu Movie Review, Rating First Day Collections (Starring Ram Charan Tej, Rakul Preet)


Bruce Lee Telugu Movie Review:Bruce Lee  The Fighter Telugu Movie RELEASED Today  Premier/ Benefit Show Live Updates from USA, UK, London, Kuwait, Australia, Canada, Dubai, Singapore, Hyderabad Locations Bruce Lee – The Fighter Movie is Hitting the Theaters on October 16, 2015 Across World wide in Telugu and Tamil Languages.The movie is said to be an action entertainer directed by Srinu Vaitla and has Ram Charan Tej in the lead role.


The movie is produced by DVV Danayya and is written by Srinu Vaitla and Kona Venkat. The music is composed by S. Thaman which is getting good response from the audience. The Cinematography is handled by Manoj Paramahamsa and is Edited by M. R. Varma.Bruce Lee is made with a budget of 370 million. The movie looks like a family  entertainer including action elements. Ram Charan will be seen playing a normal family guy in the movie in which he has parents and sister.Chiranjeevi’s Cameo is something everyone is eagerly waiting for. He did not appear in any movie after Ram Charan’s Magadheera in which he appeared in a small role. If news is to be believed, Chiranjeevi will be seen in a 3-minute fight scene in Bruce Lee.

Cast and Crew:

Directed by     Srinu Vaitla
Produced by     DVV Danayya
Written by     Srinu Vaitla, Kona Venkat, Gopimohan
Starring     Ram Charan, Rakul Preet Singh, Kriti Kharbanda, Arun Vijay, Brahmanandam
Music by     S. Thaman
Cinematography     Manoj Paramahamsa
Edited by     M. R. Varma
Production company DVV Entertainments
Release dates 16 October 2015
Language     Telugu
Budget     370 million

Bruce Lee Telugu Movie Review, Rating, Story: Ram Charan Tej, Rakul Preet, Srinu Vaitla

11: 05 PM : Movie Completed. Wait For Full Bruce Lee Movie Review & Rating. will be give in 5 Minutes.

11 :05 PM : Mega Star Chiru Steals All the Fans Hearts to Come Again into Cinema.

11 :04 PM : The film ends on a very promising note.

11:03 PM: Just Time gap anthe Timing lo mathram marupu undadu.. Mega Mega Megastar “Chiranjeevi”.. Thaman BGM is simply superb.

11 :01 PM : Megastar Chiru Entered in the Grand Way.

10:54 PM: Twists Revealed. The dual personality sequence by Ram Charan to Sampath is interesting and good. heading to Climax..

10:48 PM : yet Another Twist. Massive Chage scenes are going good.

10:47 PM : Big Fight of Ram Charan to Save the Family. Charan Showing Some Bruce Lee Stunt Skills. it came to and end. Wait For Bruce Lee Movie Review, Rating

10:40 PM : It’s Came with Lungi Dance. Song Named Bruce Lee Mass Song. Charan was Creative Look in 1st time in Lungi..Song Choreography by Jhony Master. Theater is roaring with Whistles. it’s innovative. it’s Last Song in the Film.

10: 32 PM : Ali Spoofs Aamir Khan’s PK.. Superb Fun.. Wait for Bruce lee Movie Review, Rating.

10: 31 PM : Ali Makes Entry Now. Comedy Started. 10:30 PM : Jabardaasth Comedy Team Entry.. Superb Comedy.

10:27 PM: Brahmanandam gets into the skin of Thukaram character. Scenes featuring Nadia and Pruthvi are fun.

10:20 PM : Confusing Story Continues..Srinu Vaitla Handled Shopping Mall Scene Sequel good. Wait For Bruce Lee Movie Review,Rating.

10:15 PM : Brahmandama Imitating Comedy Scenes Like Monkey.

10:07 PM: Manchu Muthyam (Posani Krishna Murali) and Suzuki subrahmanyam (Brahmanandam)introductions are funny Now in the Scenes. Wait For Bruce Lee Movie Review, Rating

10:02 Pm: Rakul Prefer is sizzling in “Lehchalo”track.Visuals and locals are in tune with the song tempo.

9:56 PM : Intelligence bureau chief Bharadwaj (mukesh) reveals some interesting points to Bruce Lee.. Meter starts.

9:49 PM: Post interval.Movie starts in Bihar.. Encounter Specialist is called to kill Bruce Lee.

9:36 PM : Interval on a promising note with few twists and turns. Introducing Tisca Chopra to Tollywood..

9:34 PM: Thaman saved his best Tune for the high point bang.. Fight sequence is good.

9:33 PM: The much needed “Emotional” sequence between brother and sister is promisingly handled by Vaitla.. Kriti Kharbanda is too good.

9:31 PM: Surprisingly “Naga Babu” gets a important cameo in Bruce Lee Movie Review, Rating.

9:27 PM: Rakul Preet is pretty in “Mega Meter” track..

9:25pm: Much Hyped “King Fu Kumari” is here.. Mega meter movements are  nicely blended into the track. Trance touch is good..Bruce Lee Telugu Movie Review, Rating.

9:21 PM : Sir target chesthe sleeping pills vesukunna nidhura pattadu..: riya (Rakul).

9:15 PM: The Kona Venkat – Gopi Mohan mark confusion comedy is here.

9:12 PM: Kavya (Kriti) gets a brilliant marriage proposal and the continuation traffic point conversation between father -son is just hilarious..

9:10 PM: Second Song is on… “Riya Riya” nicely handles EDM fusion… Ram Charan steals the show with his wave and free style moments. Bruce Lee Review, Rating.

9:08 PM: Licker Mafia fight sequence is nicely choreographed.. Rakul and Ramji (JP)’s involvement in the sequence is funny in Bruce Lee Telugu Movie Review, Rating.

9:01 PM: Deepak Raj (Arun Vijay) introduced in a stylish way..

8:59 PM: Dialogue: Fans annaka position butti mariporu.. : Bruce Lee (Ram Charan).

8:56 PM: Bruce Lee likes Riya (Rakul) in the first instance and tells her special plans about super cop game.

8:54 PM: Blockbuster Bhramaji (Bhramaji) interview against David (JP) received a huge applause from the crowd..Bruce Lee Telugu Movie Review, Rating.

8:50 PM: Business Magnet Jayaraj (Sampath) facilitates Rama Chander (Rao Ramesh) for his efforts in Vasundara Pharma..

8:45 PM: Bruce Lee Review: Introduction song “Run Run” is decent. Choreography is fine. Visuals by Manoj and Art work are highlights of first song..

8:45 PM: Kadhalo content undadu kani.. Anni kavali veediki.. : fight master David (JP) about film maker Sapthagiri..

8:41 PM: Nee meter paguluthe thappa naa meter artham kaadhu.. : Ram Charan..

8:39 PM: Things are set up for Mega Power Star Ram Charan’s entry.. Fight sequence and dialogues are promising..

8:37pm: Andaru laksham vaipe parigethutharu… Kondaru mathrame thanavalakosam nilapadtharu: Tanikella Bharini dialogue to Bruce Lee..

8:34 PM: The backstory of Bruce Lee (Ram Charan) and Amulu (Kriti) is good.. 8:31 PM: Bruce Lee story about a lad who is completely inspired by Bruce Lee..

8:30 PM: Bruce Lee – a “UA” certified 155 minutes movie.

8:28 PM: Ram Charan and Rakul preet attend the special premiere..

8:25 PM:  Live Updates of Bruce Lee The Fighter Review

Bruce Lee Telugu Movie Rating – 3.5/5

Plus Points:

Mega Star Chiranjeevi Cameo

Ram Charan Dance

1st Half

Few Comedy Sequences

Minus Points:

2nd Half

Thin Story-line

Movie Runtime

Bruce Lee Telugu Movie First Day Collections

Bruce Lee movie is releasing over 220 screens in the USA, which is the biggest opener in the USA so far. It is releasing over 2000 screens on Friday Worldwide, the Also movie is releasing in Tamil version after title Bruce Lee 2. Also, there is a special screening of Bruce Lee movie for nearly 400 visually challenged kids of a private school.

Bruce Lee Movie Response:


Ramcharan will be seen in the new look and his acting levels, comic timings quite appreciable. First half of the film was entertaining and passable with few dialogues and comedy scenes. Latter it will revolves around the crux of the film based on family emotions. Director Srinu Vaitla didn’t concentrated much on the comedy roles given to comedians brahmandam, Ali etc rather he engrossed mainly on the plot. Mega Star Chiranjeevi entry and his screen presence was huge plus for the movie. Mega Star 5 minutes cameo will entertain the audience.



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