The Pixel and Pixel XL are devices that provide the best of Android. But can Google attract  Indian buyers to pay up?

    The Nexus is no more,  and Pixel is truly what Google wants  Android to be. Both phones are positioned in the high-end segment, a field dominated by Samsung’s  ‘S’  and ‘Note’ series.  The Note series has a loyal user base in the country, and Samsung has received a lot of success previous  year with the Galaxy S6 and this year with the S7 and S7 edge. But with recent events creating a Note 7-sized hole in this category, the odds are stacked in the Pixel’s favor. The Pixel XL costs as much as an iPhone and  it doesn’t bring the same premium feel with it, but  Google’s take is utilitarian, the Pixel is a functional smartphone that represents the best of Android today. Its metallic back feels nice. The pixel may not feel like something expensive and premium and  a phone to show off like its competitor iphone . But its got aspect of own launcher, a bunch of goodies that are exclusive to the Pixel line, and even an Assistant that wants to change how you use your smartphone.


    It runs on a Snapdragon 821, which Qualcomm says is 10% more powerful than the 820. There’s a certain fluidity about using the Pixel that I haven’t seen on most Android phones. On regular tasks, like social networking, mail, IMs and more, the phone feels incredibly fluid and fast.

    The Pixel does stutter, but it’s better than a Galaxy S7 Edge or HTC 10. Google has worked hard to reduce things like touch latency, the Pixel launcher is evidently more than just an appearance overhaul. The background enhancements make the Pixel XL feel so smooth.

    The Pixel XL doesn’t lag when you say “Ok Google” to turn on the Google Assistant. Neither does it do so if you long press the home button to bring up the Assistant. The Assistant is basically an evolved version of Google Now. It is more conversational and can remember context. In fact, it even knows what’s on your screen. 

    The best aspect  of the Pixel XL  which most of  Indian users are going to like is its camera. The 12.3MP sensor has the same 1.55-micron Pixel size as the Nexus 6P, and both phases detect and laser auto-focus. Images from the Pixel XL are largely accurate in terms of colors and sharpness .The Pixel has a gorgeous display.It achieves a maximum brightness of 805 Lux, brighter than the iPhone 7 Plus, OnePlus 3 and others. The contrast and color balance are also very well done. The panel is slightly warm, like most AMOLEDs, but just enough to like it without complaining. The touch performance is also great and the display feels really premium . Another feature which Indian users seek  is good quality and after sales service especially when buying premium phones.This  is where pixel phones  are one step ahead in the market.The Pixel provides  24/7 live support to its customer with the ability to share your screen with a Google representative. There’s also a toll-free customer care number that you’ll be able to call to get your queries resolved. If you require further assistance and help, you can get the phones serviced at 54 service centers located across the country.  the Pixel’s 24/7 live support feature will be something which will attract more users in India.

    Both the Pixel and Pixel XL are sold online via Flipkart, and both phones will be available offline from Reliance Digital, Croma, Vijay Sales, Bajaj Electronics, eZone, HotSpot, and other chain stores. A considerable  portion of phone sales in country are carried out in brick and mortar stores, where customers get a chance to use the products first-hand. With the Pixels representing a sizable investment, Google is focussing more on the offline experience to let prospective buyers get a feel for either handset before going through with the purchase.Thus  in this  way its attracting both categories of customer -those who window shopping and as well online shopping.

    The Google Pixel XL is a great smartphone, and a great first attempt by Google. Since more than 90% of the market is covered by android, for now, the Pixel XL   poses a real challenge to phones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and any other Android flagship.With more few improvements and  with price tag around  50k, it can  provide a tough competition to iphone market. 

    While the  Samsung is busy in correcting its Note series, Apple struggling to bring any new big change in their phones ,  if you’ve got the cash, you should definitely get the Pixel.


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