Why Tomato Prices have suddenly increased in your city?


The Uneven rainfall distribution this year have damaged the crops due to flooding in some areas and draught in other areas and this is adversely affecting the household budgets.

Firstly during the month of May we saw a sudden drop in the price of the tomatoes to as low as Rs. 10 a KG because it was affected by the heat waves and the crop was getting spoiled. Crops in Rajasthan, Haryana and UP was adversely affected by the Heat Wave.

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Due to the delay in the southwest monsoon, in the month of June, it has affected the crops near Karnataka, again rising the prices across the city for all fruits and vegetables.

Highest Price of Vegetables in India

The Prices for all the fruits and vegetables are touching the sky, In Lucknow, the price of tomato has touched Rs. 130 per kg and in Kochi, ginger and chilli price is touching to all time hike of Rs. 230 per kg while the banana which was usually sold per piece or by dozen is also being sold for Rs. 80- Rs. 100 per kg. In Coimbatore, Tirchy and Chennai, the basic vegetable like drumsticks and brinjals were usually sold as Rs. 25 per kg is now increased to Rs. 60-Rs.80 per Kg.



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