Whoa !! The world’s first Color-changing Hair-Dye responds to your environment !


    Love Colouring your Hair? Just because you love to colour your hair you want the same colour dye all the time. Imagine your hair that can sparkle with bright colours outdoors and have warm colours indoors, A Hair dye that changes as per the environment and according to the user blushes you use. 

    For the first time, introducing the world’s first colour changing Hair dye that reacts to the environment around you. 

    ” Lauren Bowker’s firm The Unseen uses chemistry alongside design to create so-called “reactive fashion. Her latest creation, FIRE draws upon the powers of transformation that have epitomised her work. A specially formulated hair dye, FIRE is a chemical concoction that can reveal an array of colours previously unseen. “

    “The product debuts at London Fashion Week in collaboration with Storm Models, showcasing the variety of colours that can be produced by Bowker’s unique formula. More than a mere fashion accessory, Bowker’s work is of equal importance in terms of raising awareness around creativity in science. With this example of innovative chemical engineering, Bowker hopes to “encourage young females into [pursuing] science and engineering.”

    ” Hair dyes can contain an array of irritating and toxic chemicals, leading to damaged hair over time or even damage to the scalp. The Unseen has attempted to mitigate the toxicity in FIRE by using “less toxic ingredients”. The irritants in the formula have been neutralised through a process of polymeric stabilisation, in which the harmful molecules are wrapped within polymer chains so as to reduce their negative effects “



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