What Virat Kohli Has to Say About Bengaluru Molestations?


    After Akshay Kumar’s reaction on Bengaluru molestation case, India’s test team captain Virat Kohli slammed all those who stood like mute spectators instead of stopping them from doing such shameful act. He took to twitter and posted two clips of 94 second duration to slam the people who perform such cowardice acts and all those who get blindfolded watching such shameful acts.

    In the first post he slammed the people asking whether they would do the same if any of their family member gets into same sort of trouble by being a mute spectator. He also said that no one in the world has right to command the girls so as what to wear and what not to. He said that he was ashamed to be a part of such society where such condemnable acts are acceptable to some degree. Men who are in power targeting women and taking it for random are horrible. He said men and women must be treated same and have respect and compassion for the women. At last he ended the video asking what those people would have done if they were the family of those girls who were molested.

    His beau, Anushka Sharma also tweeted, “Women get molested in a crowd. Bystanders watch, no one steps to help. Senseless people comment on women’s clothes and say the cause is late nights………the grief.”

    Watch the video to know the views of Virat on such loathsome acts committed by some nuisance crazy men without any fear of law and crowd around:

    However Virat Kohli isn’t only celebrity to condemn the case. Many celebrities have showed their anger on social media.


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