its not been to lone we are being using the portable communication devices. First we hace stsrted with the basic phones in early 1990 invented by motorola and then the laptop by toshiba. as we are more in technologt the lap has gone to palm yes the wearable devices . these are basically the wearable smartdevices that can do all the work of the smartphones. Smartphones era is at its boom right now every one is owning a smartphones reason being its now easy and rellatively less expensive to buy. with the treand it has been estimated that these devices will be at the boom being a new form of techonlogy its relitevely expensive for everyone to buy. wearable devices are in the form of watch or band which we can wear and it will allow to control our other devices from our palm of our hand only. Major players present in the these devices in india are motorola apple alcatea huewai Xiaomi and many more. once its ok to carry a laptop now its bulky with smartphones are easy to carry now they will also become bulky with the wearacle tech in the market availble. We have to carry smartphones but all the functions of it will be arranged and organised by the wearable technology. we are living in the age of techonology and there are many more inventions to come that will make are life so easy one of the example is the project ara which is under developement by GOOGLE inc. 


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