Tomorrow never comes and when it does, it is already today !


    “I will do it tomorrow.” This is the sentence that each one of us gets encountered with on a regular basis in our lives. Only a few people are there who are punctual at any work they do.

    It has become a propensity of all of us to be lazy and to put our works for the next day, and then the other next day, and sometimes this cycle extends to infinity and we overpass a certain thing.

    In my point of view, the reason that accounts for this thing is that we have developed a tendency not to do something until and unless someone stands on our heads and tells us to do so. Why go anywhere else? The best example that can be quoted is a common home. We often notice that if our father’s boss is late for the office, he too arrives late on that particular day. 

    Or if someday his boss leaves sooner, he thinks of coming home early leaving the next assigned job for some other day, in spite of the fact that he may utilize that time for doing that assignment. But on the other hand, I don’t think so that ever in our lives there comes a day when you have seen that your mother doesn’t cook you food just because you are late for home. ‘Have ever in your life you have sat back and thought of it for a moment’? What could be the possible reason for this?

     The aptest answer is that ‘She considers you her own’. And when we consider something or someone as our own, we work with all our blood and sweat to achieve that thing or to make that person happy. We are humans, the mortal beings on this vast planet. It is always not possible that we are blessed with what we desire for in our lives; let it be the circumstances, our own beliefs or the tasks that we have to perform. But we only have to do it. So why not dedicate our sincere and unfeigned efforts to it and make it worth doing. Everything has its specific criteria and time according to which it has to be accomplished. If you do something, do it with all that you have else the right time would be gone and you would be left with nothing, thinking of the reasons why you couldn’t do it. The answer is ‘YOU’, who had chosen not doing it at the first place. And then there’s no point in crying over the spilled potion.

    So, it is up to us that ‘HOW’ and ‘WHEN’ to do it. Because what I believe is that “Tomorrow never comes and when it does, it is already today”. So, better do it now than any time later.



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