The untold story of One Sided Love.


    Oh how exciting it is, the first glance, first meeting, holding hands for the first time. Amazing isn’t it? Being in love. But what if the other person doesn’t feel the same way? Or what if he/she already shared the same with some other “lucky” one. How unfortunate right? Pretty much sums up the agony of every one sided lover ever!

    But what I fail to understand is why people blame the one who falls into the temptation last. Is it mandatory for people to not fall for someone already committed or in a relationship? I know this post won’t get the approval of many but what I mean to express is here that it’s not a crime. It is not a crime to develop feelings for someone, and being aware of the fact that they may not feel the same. 

    We all are humans after all. But what’s not right is trying to wreck the relationship in order to make room for your own. Being a one sided one sucks for real but what to say my friend, you’ve inflicted the pain on your own self. I’ve seen people destroying their lives for someone they know they can’t have. Don’t do the same to yourself. For everyone reading this, never kill yourself over someone who already has someone to cry with. For you will find someone, someone much more loving, someone who will love you uncontrollably and unconditionally not matter what. For that someone is somewhere. Waiting forward you to discover your love. Again and stronger this time.


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